New Sony patent would allow gamers to replay games from ‘trigger points’ in their campaigns

The Last of Us Part 2.
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A recent Sony Interactive Entertainment patent has been spotted online which, if implemented, would allow gamers to replay games via streaming from selectable 'trigger points' in their campaigns. For example, if you wanted to revisit a specific section (such as a boss fight) without replaying everything else up to that point, you'd be able to jump in without playing the preamble.

As eXputer reports, the patent - officially titled “Content Streaming with Gameplay Launch” - is available to read via the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website. Bear in mind that it’s very wordy, though - so be ready for that if you decide to take a peek. This new patent would provide a more “interactive user experience", according to the details on the WIPO website.

It goes on to describe what “trigger points” are; these could correspond to “battles, bosses, alternative endings, alternative storylines, or quests integral to the storyline,” or even “alternative loadouts, talent or skill trees, equipment, inventory, levels, builds, and/or other player configurations.” The patent also suggests that trigger points could be influenced by save points or checkpoints.

Of course, it’s worth noting that just because a patent has been filed, doesn’t mean that this system will actually be implemented. In fact, the WIPO page shows that the first version of this patent was published in 2021 after an application was submitted in 2019. Clearly, the idea has been in the works for some time. 

The ability to replay specific missions or moments has existed within games for quite some time now, so it’s not as if this concept is entirely new. That said, this patent does sound a tad more fine-tuned than what we’re used to. By coincidence, last month it was announced that mission replay will be coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in a future update, although it’s not yet known when this will be released. 

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