Lego Fortnite - can you sleep and skip the night?

Lego Fortnite furniture including stairs, a bed and an armchair
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What should you do first in Lego Fortnite?

A look at Lego Fortnite's open-world

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Lego Fortnite can be a little bit overwhelming at first, but luckily you'll get some help from Cuddle Team Leader. There's a small tutorial to work through, guiding you from building your first shelter to crafting stronger tools and weapons. We suggest getting a Lumber Mill built and then working on crafting a sword. Once you have this, you can kill skeletons to get bones, build a grill for cooking, and then start putting down some storage chests to organize your spoils.

Lego Fortnite is here, meaning you can now take Lego forms of your favorite Fortnite characters and build out your very own Lego village. There are monsters to battle, resources to collect, and a huge world to explore, as you slowly build out your settlement, hiring new villagers along the way.

Now that Lego Fortnite has been added to the ongoing Battle Royale game, we can start digging into the best ways to play. One aspect that's a little bit confusing when you first load up Lego Fortnite is the beds. In other games (cough, Minecraft, ahem), you'd use beds to sleep and skip the night. The night is still filled with monsters in Lego Fortnite, after all.

Here's whether you can sleep and skip the night in Lego Fortnite. We'll cover what beds do, and whether there's a way to skip the night, and the monsters that spawn once the sun sets.

Can you sleep in Lego Fortnite?

Lego Fishstick lying in a bed

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You cannot sleep in Lego Fortnite. This is different from other survival crafting games, which often use sleeping as a way to advance time and skip the night. You can craft a bed in Lego Fortnite, and you should, as it serves as a way to regain health, and as a respawn point. Each player in a village can have a bed of their own.

Lego Fishstick sets a respawn point at a bed

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Can you skip the night in Lego Fortnite?

There is no way to skip the night in Lego Fortnite. You likely won't want to after realizing that skeletons are the main source of bones; a very useful resource indeed. Once you start building up your defenses, and villager count, invading skeletons won't be much of a problem anyway. So grab a torch, craft a sword, and give 'em Hell until the sun comes up.

So that's that. Now that you know how beds work in Lego Fortnite, be sure to visit our guide on whether or not you can play Lego Fortnite in split-screen co-op. Elsewhere, there's our look at when the next season of Fortnite will launch.

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