Is PSN down? PlayStation Network is back up

PlayStation Network
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Following the last major outage on March 21, 2024, it appears as though PlayStation Network (PSN) was briefly down once again on April 4, 2024.

The issues were first reported at 8:59 PDT / 11:59 EDT / 16:59 BST and seemed to be affecting multiple different services and regions. At the time of writing, it appeared as though account management, gaming and social, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Direct were all suffering from issues in both the US and UK. This was according to the official PlayStation Network service status page. 

Strangely, however, when we tested things out for ourselves we were able to log in to a game of Helldivers 2 on PS5 without any major hiccups - suggesting that these issues might not have been as widespread as the site suggested. According to some social media posts at the time, certain users were experiencing difficulty purchasing digital content so it is possible that the problems could have been affecting the PlayStation Store more than other areas.

Is PSN down?

It's official, PSN is not down right now. That is at least according to the official PlayStation Network service status page. The page states that all services are up and running as expected.

Be sure to check back here for regular updates if you begin to experience any issues.

What happened the last time PSN was down?

The last major outage began at 09:51 PST / 12:51 EST / 16:51 GMT on March 21, 2024 and affected PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and web services across the board.

As you can see from a snapshot below of the official PlayStation Network Service Status page, it did not look good, with issues affecting all facets of the ecosystem.

The all-red warning lights of the PlayStation Network official status page

(Image credit: Sony)

As to what caused the outage, we're not sure, but can report that it was fixed after just couple of hours.

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