This special edition Secretlab Titan Evo can be customized to match your favorite Final Fantasy 14 role

The Secretlab TITAN Evo FINAL FANTASY XIV Edition.
(Image credit: Secretlab)

Gaming furniture manufacturer Secretlab has unveiled the Secretlab Titan Evo Final Fantasy 14 Edition, a new special edition chair created in collaboration with Final Fantasy developer Square Enix.

Released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy 14, the chair comes ahead of the release of the critically acclaimed MMORPG’s huge Dawntrail expansion in July. The chair comes in a deep blue Secretlab Neo Hyrbid Leatherette complete with eye-catching gold details inspired by the look of the Crystal Tower's Ocular - a location in the game.

It also features unique magnetic patches, which add a small element of personalization. They are each designed to reflect one of the three combat roles in Final Fantasy 14 (tank, healer, and DPS) and can be swapped out at any time in order to best reflect your current playstyle.

Regarding the magnetic patches, Secretlab co-founder Alaric Choo said: “we designed special Magnetic Role Patches so that adventurers can customize their Secretlab Titan Evo chair just like customizing their in-game characters.” The Final Fantasy 14 development team also described the chair as “everything players need to take on the game’s biggest challenges.”

We first reviewed the Secretlab Titan Evo back in 2022, where we awarded it four and a half out of five stars and described it as “one of the best gaming chairs on the market” thanks to its high-quality build and excellent level of comfort.

If you’re a Final Fantasy 14 fan who wants a special edition Secretlab product without having to splash out for a pricey new chair, then you’re in luck: the release of the chair comes alongside two new memory foam lumbar pillows inspired by companions from the game. 

As the name would suggest, the Secretlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow Fat Cat Edition is covered in an adorable graphic featuring the game's iconic chubby cat minion. The Alpha Edition, on the other hand, is decorated with the lovable chocobo Alpha who debuted in the Stormblood expansion's Omega raid series. 

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