The LucidSound LS35X gaming headset is down to a frankly absurd price with this Amazon discount

LucidSound LS35X deal
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This latest Amazon deal for the LucidSound LS35X gaming headset is one you should absolutely be checking out, especially if you're in the market for a wireless Xbox Series X headset.

We can't quite believe it, either, but you can grab the LucidSound LS35X gaming headset for just $60.95 right now at Amazon. That's a frankly jaw-dropping saving of $119 off of the usual $179.99 retail price. Admittedly, the Rose Gold colorway may be a little divisive for those looking for a more sensible variant, but it's tough to argue with a price drop this steep.

What's more, the LucidSound LS35X is an incredibly convenient Xbox gaming headset. Utilizing the console's in-built wireless technology, the headset can connect to your system without the use of any cables, dongles or base stations, freeing up precious USB ports for, potentially, some of the best Xbox controllers and other accessories.

Much like with the LucidSound LS100X wireless gaming headset, you're also getting excellent build quality, impressive 15-hour battery life and a detachable mic - handy for when you want to take the headset out and about for casual music listening. And if you're gaming on PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch, you can connect the headset to those consoles via an included 3.5mm headphone jack cable.

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LucidSound LS35X Xbox gaming headset: $179.99 $60.95 at Amazon
Save $119 -

LucidSound LS35X Xbox gaming headset: was $179.99 now $60.95 at Amazon
Save $119 - At well over $100 off retail price, this is one of the best gaming headset deals we've seen so far in 2024. It's a strong mid-range offering, too, providing superb build quality, solid battery life and well-rounded sound courtest of its 50mm drivers.

Price check: Walmart - $64.99

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