Every sale of indie ocean cleanup adventure Loddlenaut will result in a donation to a conservation charity

(Image credit: Secret Mode)

Announced via a press release from publisher Secret Mode, every sale of the upcoming cozy indie adventure game Loddlenaut will result in a donation to Whale and Dolphin Conservation - a worldwide charity that, as the name would suggest, focuses on whale and dolphin conservation efforts.

The new pledge covers all net sales of the game over the next three years, with £0.05 (roughly $0.06) going to the charity from each sale.

A relaxing adventure set in a colorful alien ocean, Loddlenaut sees you take on the role of a space custodian who has been tasked with cleaning up the pollution created by a nefarious intergalactic mega-corporation. Featuring a remarkably chill soundtrack and a range of adorable axolotl-like creatures, called “Loddles”, to befriend, we’re very much looking forward to diving in when it releases on November 16.

This partnership seems like the perfect fit given the game’s environmental subject matter. In addition, the game’s publisher has announced another fitting collaboration with UK artist Michelle Costello - who specializes in creating environmentally-conscious art using reclaimed materials from local beaches.

Loddlenaut artwork by Michelle Costello

(Image credit: Michelle Costello, Secret Mode)

Recreating the game’s bright key art using scavenged materials like discarded packaging and old footballs, the finished product is striking and colorful, perfectly fitting the game's aesthetic. It will be viewable to the public from February 2024, housed in a temporary installment at the charity’s WDC Scottish Dolphin Centre which is free to visit and located in Fochabers, Scotland.

The move follows a beach cleanup effort last month to celebrate World Cleanup Day, which took place on September 16. This saw game developer attendees of the Develop: Brighton industry conference in the UK split up into teams and clean up litter from the nearby Brighton beach. Overall, they collected nearly 8kg (17.6 lbs) of rubbish which is a pretty impressive haul.

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