These lovely 'Vapor' Xbox Wireless Controller colorways have just been added to Xbox Design Lab

Xbox Wireless Controller
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New Xbox Wireless Controller designs have been added to Xbox Design Lab, allowing folks to customize a bespoke gamepad with a selection of vapor-themed colorways.

Announced via an official Xbox Wire post, six 'Vapor' designs have been added to the Xbox Design Lab suite. These include the existing dark blue Stormcloud Vapor variant which can be bought separately as its own gamepad. In addition to that, there are now Dream, Cyber, Fire, Electric, and Nocturnal colorways, too.

Much like other special colorways available on Xbox Design Lab, these Vapor designs will add $9.99 / £7.99 on top of the cost of a custom Xbox Wireless Controller, for which prices begin at $69.99 / £59.99 before any additional design choices have been made.

On top of that, the Xbox Wire post also confirms that each Vapor design "features a dynamic pattern that is unique to every controller." In theory, this means that there's a degree of randomness applied to the design, meaning no two Vapor-painted controllers will have identical patterns.

Lastly, Xbox has also confirmed the arrival of the Xbox Wireless Controller - Dream Vapor Edition. This will be sold as its own controller over at the Xbox Store from February 6 for $69.99 / £59.99. It can be pre-ordered right now from Xbox directly or at participating retailers.

If you're unfamiliar with Xbox Design Lab, it's essentially an official Xbox service that lets you build a bespoke Xbox Wireless Controller or Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. You're able to customize them with unique colorways, add rubberized grips and a metallic d-pad as options, as well as engraved text should you so choose. Of course, each individual customization runs up the cost, and the final design can be much pricier than a standard Xbox gamepad. But, for those who primarily play on the console, it's a fun service that lets consumers add some unique flair to their gaming setup.

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