Spider-Man 2 patch brings back the Nelson and Murdock sign, leading to questions about why it was missing in the first place

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot showing Miles Morales
(Image credit: Insomniac Games)

The latest Marvel's Spider-Man 2 patch has brought back the Nelson and Murdock sign, raising questions about why the Easter egg was missing at launch.

During the release of the Spider-Man sequel, eagle-eyed players were quick to spot that the Daredevil Easter egg displaying Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson's law offices in Hell's Kitchen was mysteriously missing despite being featured in the first game. 

When asked about why the sign was blank in an interview with IGN, Bryan Intihar, senior creative director at Insomniac Games simply said, "That's a good question. Stay tuned. Good find though." 

Of course, this had fans excited, with some even theorizing that the reason for the missing Easter egg could mean a future project relating to the Marvel comic book hero set in Spider-Man's in-game universe, perhaps even a DLC.

To add to the fan theories, players then discovered a villain hideout filled with weapons and innocuous objects, along with a red symbol, which led fans to believe it was the headquarters of The Hand - a group of ancient ninjas who are frequent adversaries of Daredevil himself, in both the comics and live action (via IGN). 

Additionally, Screen Rant was even able to find Ben Urich's byline in the Daily Bugle newspaper, a journalist and recurring character in the Daredevil stories, as well as a Nelson and Murdock business card, and two landmarks - Clinton Mission Shelter and Fogwell's Gym.

However, the latest patch seems to have reinstated the missing law office sign, which has just created even more questions as to why it was missing in the first place, especially after Intihar quoted the report, saying, "Guess they paid their rent..."

Insomniac hasn't even announced a Daredevil DLC, so this is all fan speculation, but that hasn't stopped players from expressing their desire for one following the patch; I mean, just look at the replies to Intihar's tweet.

"You can't just do that and not elaborate!" one user said.

"This is villain level teasing @bryanintihar," said another.

In terms of what do know about Insomniac's future projects, a standalone Wolverine game is currently in development, which shares the same world as the studio's Marvel's Spider-Man games. 

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