Sociable Soccer 24 is looking to 'challenge the status quo' and take on EA's FC24

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The FIFPRO licensed soccer game, Sociable Soccer 24, is prepared to take on the giants with its competitive pricing. 

Sociable Soccer 24 is the first FIFPRO-licensed arcade action game, developed by the creator of Sensible Soccer, Jon Hare. This sports title features fast and intuitive matches, couch and online PvP, 100 trophies, 1000 teams to choose from, and 10,000 FIFPRO licensed players, which you can collect and upgrade.

This competitive soccer game is back with a vengeance as Hare claims the title is capable of taking on even the biggest of brands, including EA's FC24. The head creator has also stressed how important it is to remove loot boxes and other in-game purchases from video games. 

“Today, while EA Sports FC and the like are inadvertently grooming children as gamblers by packing their overpriced, overhyped simulations full of loot boxes and all manner of money traps, our game is the only one in the world offering arcade football, packed with fun, for less than half the price AND with 13,000 FIFPRO licensed, real-world footballers to unlock for free,” Hare said. “…and all of the people who bought Sociable Soccer on Steam Early Access many years ago will get the whole game for free, too.”

You can pre-purchase Sociable Soccer 24 on Steam right now for $29.99/ £24.99/ €29.99. The PC version will be available to play on November 16, 2024. The Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One versions will follow soon after.

“We can’t compete with these corporate f***ers with regard to their $200m marketing war chests, or their ‘almost realistic until they start moving’ graphics, but we can wipe the floor with them when it comes to value for money and playability,” Hare said.

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