Payday 3's delayed first patch is finally here and adds "a massive amount of fixes"

Screenshots from PayDay 3
(Image credit: Starbreeze)

Starbreeze Studios has finally released the first major patch for Payday 3 after almost a month since its initial promised date.

The cooperative shooter launched on September 21, but players soon found that the game was plagued by server issues and matchmaking problems, which Starbreeze later addressed, stating that the game's first update should smooth out the experience even more while also adding new quality-of-life improvements.

The 1.01 update was originally set to launch on October 5; however, it was delayed to "ensure stability," forcing players to endure its problems for a while longer. The studio then broke its long silence in a blog post, apologizing for the lack of updates and the long wait, stating that the patch should arrive soon. 

Now, after over a month since the game launched, update 1.01 is finally here and introduces what Starbreeze is calling "a massive amount of fixes to make your heisting a smoother experience". 

The patch is 2GB on PC and features a massive collection of fixes that range from general bugs and crashes, UI changes, systems like weapons, skills, and enemies, audio and visual tweaks, and some "minor fixes" for balancing. 

Several updates have also been made to Heists specifically, which should make cooperative play a less disruptive experience. For instance, melee damage no longer affects environment details that should only take damage from explosions/gunfire in Gold & Sharke, and the developer has also fixed a bug that led guards to sometimes walk through a closed door on 'No Rest for the Wicked.'

It's a more technical patch and doesn't feature any new content, but Starbreeze has previously confirmed that it is planning on making changes to Payday 3's progression system following player feedback, despite initially stating otherwise. 

During the rocky launch, the matchmaking issues were so bad that the studio even considered adding an offline mode to the game, but right now, it's unclear if this idea will implemented down the road despite the now-stable servers.

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