Payday 3 is getting progression changes after all

In-game screenshot from Payday 3
(Image credit: Starbreeze)

Starbreeze Studios has said that it will be making changes to Payday 3's progression system following player criticism, despite previously stating otherwise.

Ever since the game launched on September 21, it has been in hot water, with players reporting matchmaking issues that were preventing them from playing online - which were so disruptive that the developer considered adding an offline mode to the game.

As a result, on September 26, Payday 3 was temporarily taken offline in order to "improve server and matchmaking stability", which Starbreeze has now managed to fix

Now, the developer is turning its attention to another major complaint, the game's progression and XP systems, after stating numerous times, including in a recent stream on September 25, that it had no plans to change it and would focus on UI issues instead.

Well, it seems like the studio has changed its mind because, in a recent developer livestream from October 2 spotted by MP1st, Starbreeze confirmed that it would implement changes after "gathering feedback" from players.

"What I can say today, is that we are working on some changes to progression and Infamy," said lead producer Andreas Hall Penninger.

"We have been gathering feedback from you guys, so expect a bunch of changes in an upcoming patch," Penninger added, clarifying that it's not going to be the game's next major patch (currently planned for release in a matter of days)."

Penninger didn't specify what these changes will be, and we don't know when they'll arrive, but said, "As soon as we're happy with the changes that we've made - obviously, we need to make them and test them - so as soon as that's done, we will communicate the changes we've made to progression."

The first major patch for Payday 3 is set to arrive early this month and feature 200+ quality-of-life improvements for all platforms. Starbreeze also outlined the game's updates for the rest of the year in a recent blog post, which includes more improvements in November alongside "new content and functionality" and the DLC named "Syntax Error", which is set to arrive in the Winter.

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