Nitro Deck creator announces Neo S wireless collectible controller for Nintendo Switch

Neo S wireless collectible controllers
(Image credit: CRKD)

CRKD has announced the Neo S wireless controller, a new collectible gamepad that sports nine unique designs, including three by artist POPeART.

Formerly responsible for the Nitro Deck, CRKD confirms that the Neo S is primarily compatible with Nintendo Switch and PC. However, its Bluetooth connectivity ensures it can be used with mobile devices as well as smart TVs.

As for features, much like the Nitro Deck, the Neo S will have Hall effect triggers and thumbsticks to greatly improve the longevity of the controller and its modules. On top of this, the Neo S provides two remappable back buttons, trigger sensitivity settings, swappable stick tops, and adjustable vibration strength.

The Neo S also features a 'No Deadzone' mode which switches off stick deadzones entirely for a more responsive feel. Additionally, the gamepad will have a Turbo mode should you need a certain button to perform rapid inputs by simply holding it. Gyro aiming and motion controls are also supported, which should make the gamepad feel at home with titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 3.

As mentioned, the Neo S comes in nine unique colorways. The Splatter, Junkyard, and Blossom Editions are all designed by artist POPeART. There are also five translucent designs that come in Clear, Orange, Pink, Green, and Red flavors. Lastly, a Retro Gold Edition emulates the look of Nintendo's Famicom controller, and it may just be the nicest of the bunch.

There's no concrete release date set for the Neo S just yet. However, the controller's store page confirms that shipping will commence between April 15-19. Pre-orders are live now, though, and you can reserve a Neo S for yourself for $49.99 / £49.99 / AU$54.99.

CRKD's previous effort, the Nitro Deck, is a TechRadar Gaming favorite, ranking among our guides to the best Nintendo Switch controllers and best Nintendo Switch accessories. Here's hoping that the Neo S continues this run of quality, then.

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