House House and Panic are working on a 'super special' new game

Push Me Pull You
(Image credit: House House)

House House, the development team behind Untitled Goose Game, is working on a new title, and it's not a sequel to the 2019 Anseriformes slapstick release. 

While few details have been released from the studio that has developed some of the best indie games recently, publisher Panic stated: "The game will not be a sequel to Untitled Goose Game and is definitely not what you would expect from the team". 

The upcoming game is yet to be titled. However, during the Panic Games Showcase today (Tuesday, August 29), it was described as "super special". Considering the developers' track record, there's no actual formula for what to expect from the Australian game developer. 

House House gained immense popularity for Untitled Goose Game, which launched over four years ago to great commercial and critical success. The title currently sits on 81% across all versions on Metacritic and is available on almost every platform, including console, PC, and some of the best gaming phones. In contrast, the company's debut release, Push Me Pull You, was a very different beast entirely as a local multiplayer game for up to four players that was much more simplistic in nature. 

The throughline of both projects is that they are colorful, over the top, irreverent, and feature a heavily stylized cartoonish aesthetic. However, as Panic has stated, the new game could be a rapid departure from the developer's back catalog of games. With two titles under its belt, there's a lot of ground to cover. In Panic's first-ever game showcase today, the publisher revealed more details about Despelote and Nour: Play With Your Food. The next release from House House seeks to further strengthen the American publisher's catalog of titles. 

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