GTA 6 trailer coming on December 5, Rockstar confirms

The three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 5 in a row with weapons drawn
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Hold onto your hats: Rockstar Games has officially confirmed the date and time that fans will be able to watch the first GTA 6 trailer for the next game in the blockbuster series, and we don’t have long to wait. 

In a new teaser posted to Twitter/X today (December 1), Rockstar shared an image of silhouetted palm trees over a purple and orange sunset, emblazoned with the Rockstar Games logo and the simple words: “Trailer 1, Tuesday, December 5, 9am ET.”

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I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone invested in this long-awaited reveal when I say it’s an enormous relief to know when it’s actually happening. For clarity, 9am ET on December 5 is the equivalent of 6am PT / 2pm GMT, or December 6 at 1am AEDT. 

No further details were provided, but as general advice, I’d suggest simply having your eyes glued to Rockstar Games’ social media accounts when that time rolls around so we can see what the developers have been cooking up. 

The hype for GTA 6 (as it’s unofficially been dubbed by fans) has been brewing for some time now. Rockstar Games first confirmed that “active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway” back in February 2022. It was only last month that the developers revealed that the first trailer would arrive early in December. Now, just one day into the month, excitement has already reached fever pitch.

We still don’t know what the trailer will show, it’s not been confirmed yet what platforms the game will be on, when it’ll be released, or even what its official name is. Hopefully, all will be revealed soon. 

The next Grand Theft Auto game is quite easily one of the most exciting upcoming games on the horizon right now, but you can find some amazing recommendations of games to play now on our list of the best PC games.

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