Fortnite: Rocket Racing's latest patch adds two new advanced tracks

Fortnite: Rocket Racing
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite: Rocket Racing has a brand-new update that adds two new advanced tracks.

With the release of patch v28.10 today (January 23), Epic Games has introduced a bunch of new things to Fortnite's arcade racer, including new car customization options, major improvements, and the highlight of the patch, two new advanced racing tracks for ranked play.

Lazy Lake 2 is the first of the two tracks, which Epic is calling a "perilous spin on a fan favorite," can be unlocked in ranked racing once you reach Gold I. From the screenshots, it looks like players will be racing in a desert canyon with a portion of the tarmac shifting vertically to travel along the rock walls, upside down, while dodging hazards.

The second track is K2 Raceway Deux which features long winding roads by the sea and is designed for experienced racers, who will need to reach Platinum I to unlock it.

As for the customization options, players will be able to add several new Trails - a new type of Locker item to personalize their cars with - that can be seen when drifting on the track. The first to join Rocket Racing is the Fortnite-original Drift Smoke Trail, which is now available for free in all players' Fortnite Lockers, with more to come in the future in the Shop.

Epic explained that Trails will soon be able to be owned in a cross-game format, meaning players will own certain Trails in Rocket League if they obtain them in Fortnite first and vice versa.

More paint colors for the Drift Smoke Trail can be obtained by completing Season Zero Tune Up Quests, which are running until March 26.

Fortnite: Rocket Racing version 28.10 patch notes:

Improved mobile touch controls

v28.10 features enhancements to playing Rocket Racing on mobile with touch controls:

  • The D-pad, as well as the accelerate, Turbo, air dodge, and jump buttons, have all received visual and usability improvements.
  • Auto Accelerate is now enabled. It can be toggled on or off.
  • To stop, you now press and hold the brake button. Once you reach 0 on the speedometer, you’ll start to reverse.

Major improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved overall CPU performance, especially on lower-end devices.
  • Sitting idle during a race will now put the player back in the Lobby.
  • Car collision is now less severe. We’ll continue to improve this interaction over future updates.
  • Air dodging is now smoother when landing.
  • Have the pre-race jitters? You can now wiggle and swivel the camera before a race!
  • The “Invert Steer Method” setting, which inverts steering controls when upside down, now properly remains enabled when changed.
  • Fixed an issue related to players getting stuck post-race.
  • Fixed an issue on Android that prevented players from switching languages.

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