Fortnite players can vote in-game for 2023’s best creator-made island - winner to be announced at The Game Awards

A screenshot of a player on 'The Game Awards Vote in Fortnite' island.
(Image credit: Epic Games / Future)

Fortnite players can now have their say and cast a vote in-game for The Best Fortnite Island, and while it’s not an official Game Awards category, the winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on December 7.

Players are able to pick between 10 creator-made islands selected by The Game Awards - all they have to do is load up the ‘The Game Awards Vote in Fortnite’ island in Creative Mode (which was created by Studio 568 and Nighttimes) where they’ll be greeted by a hologram video of host Geoff Keighley beamed from the center stage. Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time that Keighley has appeared as a hologram in a video game - he also appeared as the face of the Ludens Fan in Death Stranding.

Anyway, from there, they’re able to wander around, teleport to the 10 nominated creator islands, and then select their favorite. They’ll also be able to collect in-game Game Awards trophies for some juicy experience points - perfect for if you’re looking to level up and gain more Battle Pass rewards.

In a post announcing the news on The Game Awards website, Keighley said: “Ever since I hosted Live From Risky Reels in Fortnite in 2019, I’ve been thinking about ways The Game Awards could bring our celebration inside the games we play every day. Our Fortnite island is the first experiment in this direction, and I’m particularly excited to help shine the spotlight on the amazing user-generated community around the world.”

Voting will run until December 6 (the day before The Game Awards), and only one vote can be cast per Epic ID, so choose wisely. Players can find The Game Awards Vote on Fortnite island by typing in the island code 0853-1358-8532.

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Catherine Lewis
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