DayZ update 1.23 promises a whole new sky for players to admire

DayZ screenshot showing three players.
(Image credit: Bohemia Interactive)

The latest major update for DayZ has introduced a ton of changes, including a massive visual overhaul to the game's sky.

Version 1.23 is now live on PC and consoles along with a brand-new trailer and though there are a few notable features of the patch, the standout feature is the transformation of the game's day and night cycle, which makes the sky more visually striking. 

Clouds have been updated to be more distinct against their backdrop and the transition between morning and evening is a lot smoother, enhancing the player's immersive experience. Bohemia Interactive has also crafted a custom sky setup for Chernarus and Livonia, "making each map feel unique and atmospheric".

Another new feature comes in the form of the upgraded spawn system, specifically for player spawn groups, allowing those teaming up to explore the game's environment in groups to have a greater likelihood of beginning or respawning on the same server. The update should now allow parties to avoid the trouble of having to find each other on a map before heading off into the wilderness together.

There's also the addition of the field shovel, a compact tool that allows players to store their valuables and perform most tasks as easily as they can with its full-sized counterpart. Beyond that, there's a new collection of clothing items, like headpieces and padded gloves, as well as the return of the fan-favorite DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), a semi-automatic based on the legendary M14 and used by the US Marine Corps.

The holiday season is almost upon us and Bohemia has confirmed that it has some events in store for DayZ, along with the game's 10th anniversary, and should reveal the details soon.

DayZ update 1.23 patch notes

Key Features 

  • Padded Gloves - 3 variants
  • Petushok hat - 3 variants
  • OKZK Cap - 2 variants
  • Winter Coif - 4 variants
  • Field Shovel
  • DMR (M14)
  • 20rd Mag
  • 10rd Mag
  • SkyBox Changes
  • NWAF (Vibor Airbase) Overhaul

Additional Highlights

  • Unstick your vehicle with the new push action.
  • See queue states and the time of day in the server browser.
  • Building bases in the Livonia underground is no longer possible.
  • Distribution of high-tier firearms has been rebalanced inside and outside Chernarus and Livonia's contaminated areas.
  • Server-side mission files now allow adjustments to a player's startup gear, which is particularly important for console community servers.

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