Bungie is nerfing this exotic armor in Destiny 2 because it is simply too strong

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Bungie has decided to drastically nerf two of the most popular armor sets in Destiny 2 for Hunters and Titans. 

Unfortunately, Destiny 2 players will soon wake up to find that two of the best exotic armor items, the Titan's Antaeus Wards boots and the Hunters' Young Ahamkara's Spine gauntlets, will be getting a mid-season overhaul. 

"For the Season 22 mid-Season update, we wanted to adjust two Exotic armors that we felt were becoming hard to counter in PvP", Bungie said in its weekly update blog post. "Antaeus Wards was granting too large a benefit for too little a cost. It also suffered from a lack of meaningful counterplay options."

From update 7.2, Antaeus Wards will require full class ability to deploy, and it will also drain your class ability energy proportional to the amount of damage reflected. Lastly, it'll no longer improve your slide. As for Ahamkara's Spine, players will soon experience a reduction in the bonus health from 100 to 70 and 50% less damage resistance. Grenade energy is also now only provided on ability kills instead of general damage against enemies. 

"We wanted to make it easier to counter the enhanced Tripmine Grenades in PvP by reducing the amount of bonus durability that the Exotic provides", the blog post said. "The hope is that a well-placed Tripmine will still offer the Hunter an advantage, but a careless one no longer shifts the flow of an engagement all on its own."

While it is certainly a shame to see these fantastic items get a hit in the newest update, Bungie has made all of these changes to make PvP fairer and more enjoyable to play. With its next expansion, The Final Shape, scheduled for release on February 27, 2024, it's good to see the team smoothing out rough edges. 

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