Acolyte of the Altar is coming to PC in March, inspired by MTG and Shadow of the Colossus

Acolyte of the Altar
(Image credit: Black Kite Games)

Black Kite Games has announced that Acolyte of the Altar will launch on PC via Steam on March 25, 2024.

Acolyte of the Altar is a single-player roguelike deck-builder inspired by Magic: The Gathering and Shadow of the Colossus, featuring more than 100 cards and challenging, randomly generated floors to play through as you build your deck.

In this dark fantasy card game, you'll hunt through wastelands for colossal 'Beasts' who evolve as you fight them. This means players will be required to think through their actions and combine cards to create the perfect synergy to attack. You'll also need to manage your mana pool while summoning powerful creatures as you bring down Beasts efficiently.

"Rush them down before they reach their potential, or bring large threats of your own to match their strength," Black Kite Games explains. "Feel the tension of fighting a giant and the excitement of triumphing against the odds with each encounter!"

Additionally, as you fight a Beast, their rage will grow until they unlock new abilities to use against you. For example, beating the Gilded Grifter at his cup game will gain you an advantage, while feeding The Yearning Woods' Consume ability will fill its health bar and its stomach until it bursts.

The latest trailer offers a look at how these abilities and card synergies work out and also provides a look at the Patron system. After beating a Beast, players will then be able to offer their body to their chosen Patron, who will carve a new gift for the player. 

The Patron can offer more in the ways of combat, too. For instance, during the start of a new area, they'll bless the player with their choice of gift, dramatically altering how you play. 

While the Crumbling Monument's Skyscraper Sword will make your tallest creatures bigger, the Mini Jelly will zap enemies when you cast spells, but gifts can have consequences too, so players need to be cautious of their choices.

Acolyte of the Altar is available to wishlist on Steam right now, and there's also a playable demo to try out ahead of the game's launch.

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