Need a new laptop, monitor or PC? Dell’s sale has some cracking deals with up to £800 off

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Dell offers a vast range of PC hardware, so whatever your needs might be in this department, the company’s online store sells some top-notch products, and at bargain prices right now, too.

Maybe you are looking for a new laptop? Perhaps a convertible (2-in-1 portable), or a gaming notebook, or just a standard laptop at a great price? Or maybe you’re eyeing up a monitor, or a desktop PC? Perhaps what you’re after is a PC peripheral, like a headset, keyboard or mouse?

We think you get the picture that pretty much whatever hardware is on your mind, Dell has a range of options, not to mention a range of deals currently. There are some seriously tempting offers on the boil in the big Dell sale this month – until October 23, when the discounts come to an end, so you may want to move fairly swiftly to secure the purchase you desire.

With that said, let’s get looking at the various bargains you can grab right now, and the reasons why they’re a good choice – some are perfect for everyday folks, some for students heading to university, and some for business users – especially given the price tags which are currently pinned on these laptops, monitors and more.

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Quality laptops aplenty with deep discounts

Dell’s sale for October gives you a ton of choices if you need a new notebook, so let’s pick out some of the laptop highlights which offer savings in the order of hundreds of pounds (nearly £800 in one case, in fact).

First off, Dell has seriously knocked down the price of some of its mainstream laptops, including premium models such as the well-liked Dell XPS and Dell Inspiron notebooks.

Dell’s XPS 15 packs Intel’s latest Alder Lake (12th-gen) laptop processors, and in our review we observed that “one of the best laptops ever made just got even better” with this 2022 version. The laptop with a Core i5-12500 processor, 16GB of DDR5 system RAM, and a 512GB NVMe SSD is normally priced at £1,549, but has been reduced by £340 so it now costs £1,209, a bargain for the powerhouse performance and premium build and looks that it boasts. Note that the XPS 15 in its higher configurations is ideal for engineering students, too.

If a convertible laptop is more your scene, then here’s another great example of a big price cut, with the Dell Inspiron 16 2-in-1 having £250 knocked off. This is another laptop equipped with a cutting-edge 12th-gen Core i5 CPU and it’s a great all-rounder, again highly thought of in our review. The Inspiron sports a top-notch touchscreen and superb battery life for working (or playing – yes, it can do justice to some games, just not demanding titles) on the go. At an asking price of £1,279 rather than £1,529, this convertible is sure to turn a few heads.

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What about if you’re hankering for a laptop that can tackle some serious gaming? Then you’ll need an Alienware portable, and there’s a notebook with some monstrous grunt that currently has a £370 discount. The Alienware x17 is powered by the 12th-gen Core i9 flagship processor for notebooks, with 14-cores and a boost speed of up to 5GHz, plus it has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card on board, a seriously powerful combo.

That’s backed up by 32GB of DDR5 RAM, a 1TB NVMe SSD, and the large 17.3-inch screen has a 360Hz refresh rate – and it’s Full HD resolution, meaning that the GPU and CPU will be able to push games to really smooth frame rates with that display. The screen also benefits from a superfast 1ms response time, and Nvidia G-Sync tech to prevent stuttering, so it’s a really high-quality affair, especially when backed by the aforementioned powerful components. This is a perfect machine for enthusiast gamers who really want the best, and the Alienware x17 normally retails at £3,749, but it’s on sale right now at £3,379, a saving of £370 as mentioned.

Finally, to more serious matters – what about those who might be looking for a good business notebook? Dell has deals on these too, with the Vostro 3510 reduced from £1,033 to £599, meaning its price has almost been slashed in half. This is a well-built and slim laptop with an 11th-gen Intel Core i3 processor, along with thoughtful extras like a large touchpad, and a good quality, spill-resistant keyboard.

Or alternatively check out the Dell Vostro 7620 which is powered by an 12th-gen Core i7 CPU, backed by a discrete GPU in the form of an Nvidia RTX 3050. With the price knocked down from £1,825 to £1,058, a near £800 saving, that delivers plenty of grunt for the money, plus you get super-slim bezels for a premium look, and this Vostro is very robustly made (certified to the MIL-810H standard for durability).

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Daring desktops and admirable accessories

If your desire is a desktop PC rather than a laptop, then there are some great bargains from Dell here, too. Let’s home in on one offer in particular, which is the Dell XPS 8950 that was priced at £2,199, but has been reduced by £400 to now sit at £1,799. This XPS Desktop is an ideal business PC, being equipped with a cutting-edge Core i7 12th-gen processor and a minimalist no-nonsense design that includes a bigger case than previous models (with better airflow).

If your search for something new is in the arena of PC accessories, then Dell’s October sale bristles with discounts of up to 36% over a range of keyboards, mice, webcams, external storage, docking stations, adapters and cables, batteries and other components, plus more besides. Oh, and if it’s a monitor that you want, then you’ll be interested to learn that Dell has up to 32% off its displays as well.

Don’t hang around for long

As we mentioned at the outset, if you see something in the sale that tempts you, it’s a good idea to carefully consider any purchase of course – while at the same time, delaying on pulling the trigger too long could be a move you regret. While the sale event runs until October 23, what can happen, particularly with more popular items – often those with larger discounts – is that they sell out. And once stock has dried up, obviously you are out of luck.

So, there’s a balance between thinking things through, but not waiting too long. With some of the price tags you’ll see in the deals in this Dell sale, though, there may not be a whole lot of thinking required.