Just got a new Oculus Quest 2? Here are the 5 VR games you need to play first

Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset under a green light
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Amazon Prime Day may be over for the year, but your purchases should be on their way or already with you (thank you next-day delivery). Some of our favorite deals were on the rarely discounted Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2), which saw free $25 gift cards or accessories packaged in at its usual $300 / £300 asking price.

If you’ve been after one of the world’s best VR headsets for a while Prime Day was a great opportunity, but now that you have a Quest 2 what should you play on it?

We’ve tested plenty of VR games and selected a few of our favorites from our best VR games and best Quest 2 games lists that we think are perfect for new players. Read on to find out what VR games you need to play ASAP.

1.First Steps 

We know game tutorials have a reputation for being boring preludes to the incoming fun, but First Steps is one of the few introductions that we enjoyed playing.

VR is unlike anything else in gaming, so even if you’re someone with a PS5 or Xbox Series X we’d recommend jumping into this free app before anything else to get used to the Quest 2’s controls and basic VR mechanics.

It’s not too long either, so you can probably complete it while the rest of these titles are downloading to your new headset.

2.Beat Saber 

Beat Saber is the VR game, even people without a headset are aware of the Star Wars meets Guitar Hero rhythm game.

While dancing along to songs from your favorite artists across various genres (from rock to pop to EDM) you’re tasked with slicing through colored blocks and dodging barriers while immersed in some dazzling VR environments.

A Beat Saber player slicing through the blue block with a flourish

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Thanks to its varied tracklist (some of which have to be purchased as additional add-ons) you’re sure to find tracks you love, and the game’s pass-and-play nature makes it a great party game option if you have guests over. Though we’d recommend casting your Quest 2 to a TV so those not in VR can see why the current player is flailing their arms around.

What makes Beat Saber a particularly excellent first Quest game is that you don’t have to move around beyond swinging your arms in time with the music. This means that even complete VR newbies shouldn’t feel disorientated or motion sick when playing this game.

3.Sports Scramble 

As you start to become more comfortable with VR then you’ll want to check out this chaotic spiritual successor to Wii Sports.

Sports Scramble features three sports: tennis, bowling, and baseball, which you can play in VR against AI-controlled characters or in online multiplayer matches. But as you can guess from the game’s name each of these activities has become scrambled.

As you play your bat could turn into a golf club, the tennis ball into a football, and your bowling lane into a basketball court. It’s wild and just as fun an experience as the iconic Wii game.

There are even single-player challenges to help hone your skills so you can become the next Sports Scramble star.

4.Walkabout Mini Golf 

An arid mountain themed course in Walkabout Mini Golf

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If you have friends that also picked up a Quest 2 Prime Day deal then you’ll want to grab some multiplayer VR games, and very few are better than Walkabout Mini Golf.

While the premise sounds a little tamer than the other games out there, its execution is absolutely incredible. The mini golf physics feels so real and the environments you play in are so full of detail that you’ll quickly forget you aren’t really in a pirate’s cove or wandering through ancient ruins. 

Plus, the finding all the hidden lost balls and fox hunt challenges give you even more reasons to examine every nook and cranny and really take in how well sculpted the courses are.

The game’s teleportation movement can take a little getting used to for complete beginners, but it is thankfully not too disorienting (nor motion sickness inducing), especially compared with other VR movement options.

5.Resident Evil 4

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Resident Evil franchise or never played a single game in the action-horror series before, Resident Evil 4 VR is an excellent VR game that you’ll want to pick up for your new headset.

This single-player title is a one-for-one remake of the original, with the only changes being that it’s now in first person and offers new immersive features that are only possible in VR. Resident Evil 4 was already regarded as one of the best games ever made, and frankly, this VR port is the best way to play it – at least until Resident Evil 4 Remake comes out.

Getting to become Leon Kennedy in VR is an equally exhilarating and terrifying experience as you take down horrifying monsters on a quest to save the present’s daughter. 

A demonic, winged monster flies towards the play who is wielding a shotgun

(Image credit: Capcom / Oculus)

Plus while you can opt for smooth motion options, there’s also the ability to play using teleportation (which is our preferred way to play) making this a surprisingly accessible game even if you’re new to VR.

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