"Help wanted to write a job listing": 33 resources to find job description examples

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An excellent job description needs to accomplish several important tasks. It has to describe the job, of course, and it needs to do that with as much detail and honesty as possible. Similarly, your description must offer as much information as possible about what kind of candidate you’re looking for.

That’s not all, though. The best job descriptions use understandable language rather than cliches and jargon, and they supply full transparency when it comes to salary and benefits. You’ve got to advertise your company’s culture and hit the right SEO terms too.

It’s no wonder that people turn to third-party resources for help. Pre-written job description examples and templates are popular, and they mean you can produce a professional job description quickly and easily. These resources don’t just help recruiters, either – they can be helpful to anyone writing a resume.

Look around the web, and you’ll find job description templates and examples alongside guides and other resources, and you’ll find them on job boards, HR outsourcing websites, and on dedicated resume sites.

It’s a lot to think about, so we’ve scoured the web to find the ones that are worth using.

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Website screenshot for LinkedIn

(Image credit: LinkedIn)
The biggest and best professional networking site

Reasons to buy

Great free templates
Loads of helpful articles

LinkedIn is the biggest professional website in the world, so it’s no wonder that employers and recruiters can access a superb set of job description resources. The site’s Talent Solutions area includes hundreds of free job description templates that cover the most common job titles in every big industry, so they’re a fantastic starting point – and easy to tweak and customize.

Elsewhere, LinkedIn has articles that explain the fundamentals of job descriptions, including basic guidelines, tips, and ideas for creative job descriptions. There are impressive resources here, and LinkedIn’s size and reputation mean that you know you can trust all the information available.

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Website screenshot for Workable

(Image credit: Workable)

2. Workable

A broad range of descriptions from HR experts

Reasons to buy

Hundreds of job description examples
Good articles
Paid options

While the core product of Workable is a suite of HR applications that simplify and improve your recruitment process. If you choose to pay, you can use AI-powered resources that can benefit the whole process.

You don’t have to pay to get access to its impressive library of job description resources, though. The site has more than 700 free job description templates that cover every major industry and job title. The database is searchable, too.

Elsewhere, Workable has articles that can help you nail job descriptions, with loads of tips alongside common pitfalls to avoid.

Website screenshot for Indeed

(Image credit: Indeed)
A huge job site with an impressive array of templates

Reasons to buy

One of the biggest job sites
Easy to list vacancies 
Hundreds of templates

Indeed is one of the biggest recruitment sites globally, with more than 250 million users and 15 years of operation under its belt, and the same parent company owns both Indeed and Glassdoor.

Head to Indeed’s Employer hub, and you’ll find a solid selection of job description resources. The site has a comprehensive guide to every point you need to cover when you write a job description, so that’s an ideal place to start.

If you don’t want to write a job description, Indeed has you sorted too. The site has hundreds of pre-written templates for all sorts of positions, from entry-level roles to executive positions. And, thanks to Indeed’s range of features, you can post your vacancy on the site quickly too.

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Website screenshot for OnGig

(Image credit: OnGig)

4. OnGig

Dedicated software to streamline job descriptions

Reasons to buy

Great AI-powered job description analysis
Plenty of free resources

OnGig is an impressive suite of software tools that analyses your job descriptions for readable and engaging language, evidence of bias, inconsistencies, and SEO competency. As well as analyzing your descriptions, it can build your company’s career pages.

While you’ve got to pay to get the most out of OnGig, the site also offers plenty of free job description resources.

OnGig’s free guide to writing job descriptions is quite possibly the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere, and the site also offers examples sourced from companies like Disney, Instagram, and Netflix. Elsewhere, OnGig has relevant blog posts, too.

Website screenshot for Built In

(Image credit: Built In)

5. Built In

A community-focused site with lots of resources

Reasons to buy

Loads of articles and tips
Ideal for startups and tech roles

Built In is a new online community for startups and tech companies that includes job listings, company profiles, a remote working hub, and salary information alongside many articles.

The site’s main hub has articles that outline the benefits of writing an excellent job description alongside an in-depth section that details the perfect strategy to use when you start to write. There are bonus tips to help take your descriptions to the next level and an article that uses data to illustrate how important it is to get the job description right.

Built In doesn’t have as many templates as other sites, but each template is laser-focused on popular tech and startup roles, and the template pages have added tips and videos about those positions. You’ll have to register for free to access Built In and it’s only suitable for tech and startup companies, but it’s a slick site with focused resources.

Website screenshot for JDXpert

(Image credit: JDXpert)

6. JDXpert

Thousands of templates and paid HR options

Reasons to buy

More templates than virtually any other site
Good paid features
Ideal for large businesses

JDXpert is one of the most comprehensive job description services you’ll find anywhere. If you pay for access to its services, you’ll be able to use more than 4,500 sample job descriptions and the paid service features tools and utilities to introduce professionalism, consistency and efficiency to your job descriptions and hiring process. If you work in a large company that hires often, this streamlining can be incredibly useful.

Higher product tiers include added HR system integrations and templates but don’t be afraid if you don’t want to spend any cash – JDXpert’s resources section has job description guides and checklists alongside real-world case studies.

Website screenshot for Betterteam

(Image credit: Betterteam)

7. Betterteam

A job aggregator with straightforward job description features

Reasons to buy

Huge template database
Helpful guide articles

Betterteam is a slick site that can post your job adverts to more than 100 popular job boards, and one of the biggest sections on its Resources page is dedicated to job descriptions.

The site has a straightforward, step-by-step article that covers how to write a basic job description and there’s a partner guide to writing accurate job requirement lists too. The site also offers a free job advert template that’s easy to customize in any word processing software.

If you don’t want to write your own, Betterteam also has one of the web’s largest selections of job description templates. There are more than 2,000 on the site, and they cover every popular position.

Website screenshot for Monster

(Image credit: Monster)
A global job site with comprehensive job description examples and resources

Reasons to buy

Hundreds of pre-written templates
Useful features

Monster is one of the world’s biggest job sites and its employer hub has an impressive array of job description resources.

Monster has a comprehensive article that outlines everything you need to cover if you write your own job descriptions. The guide links to other articles that offer detailed information on more specific topics, from attracting millennials to how to perfect your job descriptions with search engine optimization.

Monster’s site has more than 500 pre-written job description templates, and you can use a clever filtering system to narrow down the descriptions. There’s a handy link on each template to copy the text to your clipboard, and you can also quickly post job vacancies for free on Monster.

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Website screenshot for TopResume

(Image credit: TopResume)

9. TopResume

An unlikely but welcome source for job description help

Reasons to buy

Dozens of job description examples
Adaptable content

TopResume might not be your first port of call if you’re on the hunt for job description examples but this site offers a surprising amount of help for anyone who needs to write a job description too.

The site has a free career advice hub that has dozens of articles that include job description examples from loads of common jobs. While these have been written to help people perfect their resumes, it’s the same kind of content that you may want to use if you’re about to write a job description, so it can be easily adapted.

Website screenshot for FlexJobs

(Image credit: FlexJobs)
The ideal site for remote and flexible vacancies

Reasons to buy

Specific help for remote and flexible working
Real-world examples

FlexJobs concentrates on remote and flexible job listings, so it’s an essential stop if you’re hiring for positions where people will be working at home or remotely. And that trend has shown no signs of slowing down, so this site is bound to become even more useful.

Head to the site’s Employer Articles and Resources section, and you’ll find an impressive amount of help. Some articles give tips for writing job descriptions for remote positions or in specific industries, and other articles drill down into tips on how to improve individual aspects of your descriptions – and how to avoid frequent problems.

The site has examples of job descriptions that have delivered reliable results in the past, but it doesn’t have a database of templates like other sites. Nevertheless, it’s an essential resource if you’re hiring remote staff and if you’re happy to write your own descriptions.

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Website screenshot for TotalJobs

(Image credit: TotalJobs)

11. TotalJobs

A UK-based site with loads of helpful resources

Reasons to buy

Loads of relevant articles
Many job-specific descriptions

TotalJobs is a conventional job board designed for the UK market. As well as plenty of job listings and a large database of users, it also has a large advice hub with information about every aspect of job-hunting and recruitment.

The site’s employer hub has articles about writing job descriptions and creating job adverts, and there are dozens of articles covering other relevant recruitment topics.

As with many other sites, TotalJobs also has loads of pages that cover the job description, rates of pay, required skills, and necessary qualifications for hundreds of different jobs. While these pages are put together for jobseekers, it’s the kind of information you’ll need to put in your job descriptions.

Website screenshot for Greenhouse

(Image credit: Greenhouse)

12. Greenhouse

Solid templates and SEO-friendly guidance

Reasons to buy

Free templates available
Help with job description SEO

Greenhouse supplies applicant tracking systems and recruitment software. And while these products are not cheap, the firm does have a blog that offers a good array of free advice for job descriptions.

The firm offers a free template that can be used for any conventional position, and there are loads of tips that can really help you nail your description’s content. Elsewhere, Greenhouse offers guidance on how to improve job descriptions using SEO, and videos on job descriptions that have proven successful for companies in the real world.

Greenhouse doesn’t have the breadth of advice provided by many other sites, but the articles here are clear and helpful – and it’s a good place to start if you’re considering HR software, too.

Website screenshot for HRSG

(Image credit: HRSG)

13. HRSG

Loads of templates and expert job description help

Reasons to buy

A vast number of templates
Loads of great paid options

HSRG is a human resources software provider that divides its expertise into more than 350 different competencies – so you can pick which modules you need in your business.

There’s a lot to like here if you need to improve your job descriptions. HRSG’s CompetencyCore software platform grants you access to more than 1,200 high-quality job description templates that can function as the perfect starting point. As you’re customizing your job description, HRSG uses AI suggestions to improve your language, and the finished description functions effortlessly with other HR modules.

This is an ideal choice if you need to purchase HR software, especially if you need job description help. But if you don’t want to spend money, HSRG also supplies blogs and guides to writing your own descriptions.

Website screenshot for ZipRecruiter

(Image credit: ZipRecruiter)
Hundreds of free templates for a broad number of jobs

Reasons to buy

A wide selection of templates
Loads of informative articles
Easy to navigate

ZipRecruiter is a large job board that concentrates on making the recruitment process easier and straightforward, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find plenty of resources on its employer hub.

There are hundreds of free job description templates for common and unconventional jobs on ZipRecruiter’s blog, and they’ve got a dedicated section, so they’re easy to find. Elsewhere there are dozens of articles that cover every aspect of the recruitment process, including job description tips.

ZipRecruiter’s job description resources are helpful, extensive, and easy to use – just like the main site – although you’ll find more in-depth information elsewhere. But, if you need to write a job description, then this is an excellent place to start.

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Website screenshot for Job Description Library

(Image credit: Job Description Library)

15. Job Description Library

Good templates and real-world examples

Reasons to buy

Good core templates
Real-world examples

It’s no wonder that a site with a straightforward name like Job Description Library has impressive job description examples and resources.

If you need templates, you’ll find customizable options here that cover basic and modern designs alongside documents specific to technology companies and corporate environments.

Dive deeper on this site, and you’ll find dozens of real-world job description examples from a diverse range of industries. Job Description Library also has a busy blog and articles with advice about writing your own descriptions.

Website screenshot for Job Descriptions

(Image credit: BambooHR)
Plenty of free job description templates and detailed articles

Reasons to buy

Ideal for management positions
Plenty of free templates

While the main products of BambooHR are software tools that aim to improve your HR by using data-driven insights and a more human touch. But, as with many HR software firms, you’ll also find loads of free job description resources here too.

The site has a broad selection of free job description templates that mostly cover management positions. If you want a more in-depth guide to writing your own job descriptions, the firm also offers a whitepaper with detailed help – you just provide your email address to get access.

Other blog posts provide a broader selection of tips for writing job descriptions, and if you choose to purchase one of BambooHR’s paid products, you’ll get software that can improve and automate much of the hiring process, which leaves you with more time to write.

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Website screenshot for Reed

(Image credit: Reed)

17. Reed

A UK-based option with a good selection of articles

Reasons to buy

Impressive range of articles
Ideal for UK users

Reed is one of the largest and most respected UK-based job boards, and if you’re a recruiter then it serves up an impressive batch of job description resources.

There are plenty of articles that are packed with tips on how to write effective job descriptions, and Reed takes a wider view here – you’ll also find articles about what to avoid when writing descriptions, and advice on how to get the most out of your entire job adverts – including the job descriptions.

If you’re on the hunt for staff in the UK then Reed is a great option for recruitment thanks to its broad range of advice, including its job description resources.

Website screenshot for TopTal

(Image credit: TopTal)

18. TopTal

The best option for top-tier freelance job descriptions

Reasons to buy

Good resources for freelance roles
Plenty of good templates

TopTal is an exclusive freelance site that only lists world-class talent in specific positions – on this site you’ll find developers, designers, finance experts, and both product and project mana