Best free job board of 2024

The best free job boards make it simple and easy to scout out new talent for your organization with minimal cost.

The job market can be daunting if you’re on the hunt for a new position, but people tend to forget that it’s just as intimidating from the other side of the fence. If you’re trying to find the best staff, it can be impossible to know where to start with so many available recruitment options.

There are hundreds of job sites where you can list vacancies, but you’ve got to consider the size and type of audience on each site alongside the features provided by different boards – alongside the potential costs.

Not all is lost if you don’t have any cash to spend or if you don’t know where to start, though. There are plenty of top-quality sites where you can post jobs for free, and we’ve rounded up the best options here. And, if you want to browse job listings, head here for the best job sites.

We've also featured the best UK job sites.

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The best free job boards of 2024 in full:

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Best for networking

(Image credit: LinkedIn Jobs)
The biggest professional network is a vital tool for recruitment

Reasons to buy

Unbeatable number of users
Loads of features

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional social network. Its huge user base and enormous range of features mean that anyone serious about recruitment should post vacancies here.

It’s free to post a job on LinkedIn, and it’s easy: head to the site’s recruitment page, enter your job description and skills needed, and then specify how you’d like to receive applications and if you’d like applicants to answer any screening questions.

You can pay to promote positions. If you use LinkedIn Recruiter or Recruiter Lite, you can use better search and skills assessments filters, improved alerts, and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration options.

Those features are helpful, but they’re not essential, and you can post jobs for free on LinkedIn within minutes. If you need high-quality staff and don’t want to spend cash, then it’s crucial.

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Best for free postings

(Image credit: Indeed)
A massive audience for free job postings

Reasons to buy

One of the world's biggest job sites
Straightforward listing process

Indeed is one of the world’s biggest recruitment platforms, with more than 250 million users, so it’s a perfect option if you need to find staff. It’s free to create a standard job listing, and it’s a straightforward process: create an employer account, and you’re ready to go.

Once you’ve supplied basic information, you can specify the salary, benefits, type of contract, and schedule. You can choose how you’d like to receive applications and use the Employer Assist feature to discard applications if you’ve not shown interest within a specific timeframe. Add the job description and skills assessments, and you’re ready to go.

Posting a job on Indeed is free, easy, and means you’ll reach a massive audience, so it should form a crucial part of your staff-hunting arsenal. As ever, though, you can pay to sponsor listings, and extra payments unlock more features too.

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Best for freelancers

(Image credit: Upwork)

3. Upwork

An ideal choice if you want to find freelancers

Reasons to buy

Dedicated to freelancers
Smart talent suggestions

Upwork is perfect if you want to find freelance talent. You’re able to find freelancers in every industry here, and the site verifies freelancers for legitimacy.

It’s free to post a job on Upwork, and it’s a painless process – add the job description, the skills needed, and the rates of pay alongside some snappy, eye-catching copy, and you’re set. Once the advert is live, Upwork suggests likely talent, or you can wait for freelancers to send proposals.

While it is free to post a job on Upwork, the site charges service fees, so you’ll have to bear that in mind when you post. Also remember that you can pay for Upwork Plus to get on-demand access to talent, added reporting, and better collaboration tools.

Best for personality

(Image credit: Recruiter)
The leading site if you prize personality over resumes

Reasons to buy

Personality-based job hunting
Advanced algorithmic ability

Recruiter (previously called Scouted) gives equal weight to people’s personalities, not just their resumes, so it’s an excellent choice if you don’t want to just look at CVs during your search for candidates.

Candidates on Recruiter must answer in-depth questions to build their profile, and AI analysis matches people with positions. If you’re an employer, it’s free to list a job, and Recruiter’s algorithms will promote your listing to candidates. You can receive applicants on Recruiters website or using your own ATS, and you can review applicants’ video and text answers.

It’s free to post on Recruiter, but Recruiter does charge a percentage of the role’s salary if you hire a candidate. And if you’ve got a budget, Recruiter’s paid options offer loads of additional features.

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Best for startups

(Image credit: AngelList)
Focused on startups with a big emphasis on transparency

Reasons to buy

Dedicated to startups
Transparent hiring process
Good ATS integration

This is the site to use if you want to find employees for startups. It’s free to post a job on AngelList using the firm’s Starter package. The site’s startup focus means you can list salary and equity options alongside your company’s investment details on your job advert alongside more conventional information.

A free job listing on AngelList grants you ATS integration, the ability to build your company profile, options for embedding jobs on your site and processing inbound applicants, and you can see assessment data and use collaborative tools. This is also one of the rare job boards that allows an unlimited number of free job postings.

The free tier gives you limited access to candidates, though. If you upgrade to the Pro or Team options, you get unlimited access to the site alongside more data, extra filtering, curated candidates, and enhanced profiles.

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Best for high-value

(Image credit: Ladders)
Perfect if you need candidates to fill high-value positions

Reasons to buy

Suitable for six-figure job openings
Good filtering and search options

Ladders might be a site for high-paying jobs and executive roles, but recruiters can still post jobs for free. Once you’ve created an account and been verified, you can post a job quickly by filling in all of the usual information, like salary and benefits options and the location, job type, and job description.

A free recruiter account on Ladders allows you to post ten jobs per month, view ten resumes per month and get ten emails per month through the site, and you can save searches. For small companies who have basic requirements, that’s fine.

You’ll get more out of Ladders if you pay, though – different tiered accounts have access to dedicated managers, unlimited postings, advanced filtering, and more candidate data.

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Best for remote workers

(Image credit: FlexJobs)
A site dedicated to people who want to work in freelance or remote positions

Reasons to buy

Perfect for freelance and remote working
Free to post

FlexJobs is designed for freelance and remote workers, and you can post a job for free on this popular and growing site – although it does have a couple of caveats.

You can submit up to five free job listings to FlexJobs for free, but the site will screen each application, so there’s no guarantee it’ll end up listed.

FlexJobs only considers jobs with remote or freelance elements, and the site will only consider employers with a good reputation. You must supply a base rate of pay or a salary for your job to be accepted. You also need to provide a direct link to the job elsewhere on the web.

If you want to guarantee your posting on FlexJobs, you’ll have to pay for full site access, which means you can use unlimited postings, customized profile pages, dedicated dashboards, and improved data reporting.

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Best aggregator

(Image credit: SimplyHired)
A huge aggregator that can get your job seen by a huge audience

Reasons to buy

Massive database of applicants
Slick workflow templates and dashboard

SimplyHired aggregates listings from thousands of other sites, so it has a huge database of users in every industry. If you’re an employer, that means access to a gigantic pool of job-seekers.

It’s free to post on SimplyHired, and your job can potentially appear on more than one hundred other job boards that share SimplyHired’s network. The site uses a slick dashboard for post management, and the advert process has loads of toggles so you can quickly add screening questions. You can also use SimplyHired’s workflow template to see how candidates are moving through the hiring process.

While it is free to post here, SimplyHired’s business model means that you must pay for each candidate that you choose to contact. Prices vary based on the job, the experience level, and the number of applicants. It’s a well-designed site with an extensive database, though, so it’s well worth considering.

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Best for profiling

(Image credit: ZipRecruiter)
Loads of listings and extensive profiling abilities

Reasons to buy

Huge jobs database
Good profiling options

Reasons to avoid

Few extra features
Poor filtering

ZipRecruiter is one of the easiest job boards to use, which makes it ideal if you’re just starting your journey in the world of work, or if you’re not particularly confident with using computers. The easy approach sits alongside a sizable job database.

This site works like a job search engine, so it’s instantly familiar. It doesn’t throw loads of options at you either: put in your keyword, location and the distance you’re willing to travel, and you’ll quickly see a list of relevant positions.

The results are easy to parse: you’ll see the job title, the employer and its location alongside the first line of the job description, and if you click on a likely lead you can open its full description. Some companies use ZipRecruiter’s Quick Apply feature so you can send your application with a couple of clicks, while other adverts will take you to a third-party site where you’ll be able to apply instead.

ZipRecruiter has an extensive profile section where you can easily display your work and education history, a biography and a photograph, and you can upload your resume and list your social networks - and all of this is used during your applications. You can also add skills and professional certifications. ZipRecruiter has an app, too, so your job hunt doesn’t have to stop.

This site is straightforward, but it isn’t the most comprehensive job tool. You can’t apply filters to your searches like you can on other sites, and job listings don’t have much detail. Because ZipRecruiter scrapes listings from elsewhere, be aware of redundant and spam listings. You won’t find skills assessments, resume reviews, or articles on this site either.

ZipRecruiter is easy to use - especially if companies use Quick Apply - and has a large job database and good profiling. However, the lack of filtering means it’s only suitable if you know what you’re looking for or if you’re happy to sift through loads of listings, and the lack of features means we wouldn’t rely solely on this site.

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Best for graduates

(Image credit: Handshake)

10. Handshake

The best site if you want to hire graduates

Reasons to buy

Dedicated to graduate employment
Can specify schools and degrees

Handshake is a graduate job site, so it’s the perfect site to use if you’d like to find fresh blood for your business.

Create an employer account and fill in all the relevant information, and you’ll soon be ready to post free job listings. You can post your job to more than 1000 educational institutions that are affiliated with Handshake, and you can specify that people with particular majors should apply.

Handshake’s Core product is great, but its Premium tier delivers better management, integration with ATS packages, analytics and insight tools, and the ability to engage talent proactively.

Best social network

(Image credit: Facebook)

11. Facebook

The world’s biggest social network is a good choice for finding applicants

Reasons to buy

Massive pool of users
Easy listing options

Facebook might not be the first site you think of when you need staff, but it’s the world’s biggest social network, so it’s a surprisingly viable choice.

Once you’ve created a Facebook page for your company, you can list a new job by entering the job description, the location, salary details, and more pertinent details. You can add screening questions and specify if applicants need to send a resume, and you can post the vacancy on the site’s main jobs page or on your business page too.

A free job posting on Facebook is a good option for finding staff thanks to its vast user numbers, and you can pay to promote your listing to relevant candidates. Bear in mind, though, that Facebook’s huge scope and limited detail mean it’s not necessarily the best option if you want to attract specialist talent or people to fill a high-paying position.

Best for versatility

(Image credit:


A broad and versatile site that allows all kinds of job listings

Reasons to buy

Impressive range of options
Huge audience is one of the biggest and broadest job sites around, with more than 28 million monthly visitors, and it's an excellent choice if you want to post a free job listing that could be seen by loads of prospective candidates.

The site's free job listings are more basic than their paid options, but you can still pack plenty of detail into your adverts without spending a cent. You can specify the working conditions, location, and type of employment, from full- and part-time to internships and contractors, and you can list salaried positions and jobs with hourly rates of pay.

It's easy to add your job description, and before you post a position you can view desktop and mobile previews – so you can see exactly how it'll appear to prospective applicants. Recruiters can also add screening questions to job listings, so you're able to ask people about their experience, salary expectations, and availability. You can also ask to see social media profiles and add your own questions.'s basic job listings are surprisingly extensive, and the site uses daily email alerts and integrations with Google and LinkedIn to get your positions in front of relevant people. And you'll get even more out of the site if you pay to sponsor your listing – more affordable payment options boost your listings, while pricier plans mean your job will appear in email campaigns and more prominently in search results.

Best for global reach

(Image credit: Jora)

13. Jora

A free and effective job board with global reach

Reasons to buy

Local sites in dozens of countries
Post 10 free vacancies a month
Slick job-posting workflow

Jora is one of the newer job boards on the block, but it’s already making waves – it has local sites in dozens of countries, and it makes job posting and hunting as simple and quick as possible.

Sign up for a free employer account and you’ll be quickly directed to the job posting form. It’s a three-step process that keeps things simple. Submit the title and job description, choose whether it’s a full- or part-time position or freelance role, and you’ll then be tasked with creating a page for your business.

This is another simple procedure. Just list your company name, address, industry and size, along with your role, and then add the company website URL – and you’re ready to move forward. Once that’s done and you’ve verified your details, your advert will be live, and it’ll appear on the Jora site and on other job boards that scrape the ads from Jora.

Adverts on Jora remain active for twenty-eight days, so you’ll have to republish if the position is still open after that period. Jora checks all of its adverts for accuracy before they’re uploaded, so you don’t have to worry about your listing appearing alongside scams and fraudsters.

Employers can post up to ten free adverts on Jora every month, and in certain countries the website is offering paid tiers – in Australia and the UK, for instance, users can upgrade to the Plus and Max products to increase their advert’s visibility in search results. We expect those premium options to roll out in the US eventually.

Right now, though, it’s still possible to post ten jobs every month for free on Jora, and its slick job-posting workflow, global reach and huge audience mean it’s a great option for anyone who needs to get the word out about their job listing.

We've also listed the best websites for freelancers.

Sites with free trials

Many of the biggest job websites don’t allow employers to post jobs for free Happily, though, many of these sites offer free trials of their paid products, so you can quickly find out if a job board will be suitable.

ZipRecruiter is a huge site with broad profile options. Employers can use the Standard plan for access to more than one hundred job boards or the Premium option that gives you the ability to post premium job listings with better visibility.  

Workable has a generous fifteen-day free trial. It’s a slick site, with AI-powered candidate sourcing and plenty of software integration, and you can pay for tiers that have branded careers pages, anonymized screening, hiring plans, and automated actions.

Monster has a four-day trial to its massive database of job seekers. Beyond that, you’ll have to pay for access. Its starter tier allows you one live job listing with unlimited applicants, while its Standard and Premium options give you more listings and quicker applications.


Which free job board is best for you?

When deciding which free job boards to use, first consider whether they are likely to cover what you're looking for. Although there are national websites, there are also local ones which may serve you better. Additionally, while there are general job websites there are also more niche ones, such as for programming, available out there, so do be aware that niche sites may be more useful to you then general job websites and not to overlook them.

How we test

To test for the best free job board we first set up an account with the relevant website, then we tested the service to see how well it could be used to find a range of different jobs, both nationally and locally. The aim wasn't just to find which had the most vacancies but also which had the most relevant. We also looked at additional tools that might be useful, such as built-in CV makers, looking both at how useful they were as well as how easy to use.

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