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A specialist site designed for remote workers and flexible employment

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TechRadar Verdict

FlexJobs is a vital choice for anyone looking to work remotely. However, if you want to get the most out of this job site, you'll need to sign up for a premium plan. Thankfully, FlexJobs offers a 1 week plan for you to test out its premium features.


  • +

    Dedicated to remote work

  • +

    Impressive filtering

  • +

    Loads of extra features


  • -

    Confusing search results

  • -

    Very unlimited unless you pay for access

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The world of work has undergone a huge change over the past eighteen months, with more people exploring the options for remote and flexible employment as they've come to prefer working from home – and that means FlexJobs is one of the most important sites to consider if you’re serious about a new job.

FlexJobs concentrates on remote, flexible positions and work-from-home jobs, and has been scouring the web for these openings since 2007, so the firm has a huge amount of expertise in this department.

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Unlike other job sites, FlexJobs focuses solely on remote, work from home and flexible positions (Image credit: FlexJobs)


FlexJobs doesn’t just stand out thanks to its concentration on remote opportunities. This is one of the only job sites around that hand-screens every single job listing on the site and vets every company that lists their open positions.

That means you do get fewer listings and opportunities here: at the time of writing the site has nearly 30,000 listings from almost 6,000 companies. That might not compete with the likes of Indeed or Monster on sheer numbers, but it does mean that the jobs and companies listed on FlexJobs are legitimate and trustworthy. When you sometimes have to sift through scam adverts and outdated listings on other sites, that’s a time-saving boon.  

Job Listing

FlexJobs provides plenty of details on each of the positions listed on its site (Image credit: FlexJobs)

The flexible approach continues when you look at the type of jobs available on this site. Positions are available in virtually every industry that’s applicable to remote or flexible working, and you can search for full- and part-time positions, freelance jobs and temporary contracts. Job searches start by clicking into your preferred industry, and job listings indicate if positions are entirely remote or if they still require some travel.

Job Search Results

FlexJobs provides plenty of filters to help you find the right remote job for you (Image credit: FlexJobs)

All of the usual filters are available, which makes it easy to narrow down your search. You can also filter by travel requirements and schedule information, which often isn’t possible on other websites. Handily, it’s highlighted if a company has been recognized as a good workplace by respected industry bodies, like Forbes or Fast Company, and other icons indicate if an organization has a remote-friendly culture.

Career Coaching

FlexJobs also offers career advice, webinars and events and one on one coaching to help you in your job search (Image credit: FlexJobs)

FlexJobs doesn’t just offer job listings. The site has articles, events and webinars that highlight issues around remote working, and you can sign up for career coaching and a resume review. There are job search checklists, video guides, and you can track your job-search activity so you don’t accidentally repeat yourself. You can also upload your resume or use the site’s profile to create your own. And, like many other job websites, FlexJobs has assessments and quizzes that help users show off their areas of expertise and soft skills experience.

There’s lots to like about FlexJobs, but this site does also have some noticeable downsides. The wealth of filters are helpful, but they can make search results a little confusing to navigate. The site’s interface is far too busy, with loads of links at the top of the page and down the side of results. It certainly doesn’t have the slick, simple design of Scouted or Ladders.

The focus on remote and flexible working means that most of the jobs on the site are from big companies in tech-heavy fields, so the selection of jobs might not suit every seeker. Salaries aren’t always specified on the site’s listings, either.


You'll get even more features with a paid plan and thankfully FlexJobs offers a 1 week plan so you can test them out for yourself (Image credit: FlexJobs)

Plans and pricing

FlexJobs has positions and companies vetted by humans alongside loads of features, but this hands-on approach means that you have to pay to get full access to the site – if you browse as a free user, you can’t see all the information available on listings and you can’t apply for jobs.

FlexJobs doesn’t have different access tiers, like LinkedIn, but you can pay for access on different timescales. It’s $6.95 for a week, $14.95 for a month or $49.95 for a whole year, and the $29.95 package for three months of access is the most popular.

There’s no denying that payment unlocks an impressive set of features. You obviously get the ability to see all the information on job listings and apply for those positions, but that’s not the only benefit. You’ll get discounts on career coaching and resume reviews, and you can also get discounts on products and services from other companies, including Grammarly, Audible, Dell and SkillShare.


Remote.co is a free to use alternative to FlexJobs operated by the same company (Image credit: Remote.co)

If you don’t want to pay, FlexJobs also operates Remote.co. It’s got the same focus on remote working and it’s free to use, but it do

Final verdict

FlexJobs is a site for the future thanks to its focus on remote work and flexible opportunities, and it does a great job of concentrating on those areas. FlexJobs impresses elsewhere with great filtering options, and it has an extensive selection of extra options – it’s certainly worth paying to get access to the site’s full range of features, events and discounts.

It’s not always the easiest site to use and it’s not worth a look if you don’t want a home-based or flexible job. But more people than ever are actively searching for this kind of work, and FlexJob is a top-notch option for finding those roles.

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