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This could be the best Black Friday web hosting deal yet and it's exclusive to TechRadar

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Black Friday is here and we've managed to blag what we think is one of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday web hosting deal around. We convinced Hostinger to  give our readers an extra 10% on their Premium Shared Hosting package.

Hostinger's Premium Shared Hosting is on sale for $1.79/month including a free (local) domain with 12 and 48-month plans, which amounts to a total saving of 82% if the users choose a four-year plan.

Hostinger (opens in new tab) is rated for its fast servers, reliable customer support, awesome features, and affordable hosting services.

(PSA: by the way, we are going to update our Black Friday web hosting deals and Black Friday website builder deals page at least once per day till Cyber Monday)

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Get 82% off Hostinger Premium shared hosting 
(opens in new tab)Hostinger (opens in new tab)'s Black Friday sale gives TechRadar Pro readers the best price on Premium shared hosting, at just $1.79 per month. Just use the promocode Techradaroffer at checkout. It includes 100GB SSD storage, a free domain, free SSL and free email.

When it comes to high-quality web hosting, Hostinger (opens in new tab) is one of the names that will come up. It's common knowledge that a slow website can drag the growth of your business down, that's why ensuring your website is lightning-fast should not be disregarded.

Hostinger ensures your site's performance and speed are top-notch starting with their advanced new server known as LiteSpeed, which also comes with built-in security features, resulting in a site speed of 356 ms. Hostinger also boasts of an uptime of 99.75%, an easy-to-use Hostinger Panel (hPanel) that is extremely user-friendly and best for beginners, and various tools for advanced user and website developer needs.

The Premium Plan includes a free domain name and offers the lowest starting and renewal prices in the market, and with this sale it goes even lower. All of the plans guarantee 24/7/365 live chat support to guide users through all the challenges of running a website.

Why is this a great deal?

Hostinger makes every small business owner's dream to have an online presence become a reality by already offering one of the lowest rates, and with this deal, it becomes even more affordable.

By choosing a four-year subscription, users do not only save 75% on their web hosting needs, they also get to take their minds off website-related problems for the next four years. That's four years of peace of mind so they can focus on other important aspects of their business. 

A high-speed, powerful website that can withstand your website's growing traffic is the reason this deal is not to be missed. Hostinger has always been synonymous with affordable hosting solutions, but with this deal, it's lower than ever.

Desire Athow
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