Protect all your smart devices with this super cheap home network security station

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The emergence of smart home technology has made plenty of everyday tasks easier, but has also opened up a new hunting ground for cybercriminals - so it's important to seek out ways to keep yourself protected.

When it comes to home network security, you've most likely heard of Trend Micro. The company's security station plugs into your Wi-Fi router via Ethernet, scanning for intrusions and blocking hacking attempts and web-based threats.

For readers of TechRadar Pro, Trend Micro has slashed $40 off the regular price of its Home Network Security product, now available for just $109.95 - with free shipping to boot.

Trend Micro Home Network Security:$149.95$109.95/year$40 off -

Trend Micro Home Network Security: $149.95 $109.95/year
$40 off - A plug-and-protect device that shields your smart technology from cyberattacks. Grab it while you can!

Why is this a great deal?

Trend Micro's Home Network Security solution gives you the peace of mind you need, protecting all your smart devices and appliances from attack.

Using the intuitive mobile app, you can monitor your connected device from anywhere. And in the event on an incident, or if Trend Micro identifies an insecure device configuration, you'll be notified immediately.

It's an especially powerful tool for parents, who can't always be there to monitor what their kids are doing on their devices. The App Detection feature, for example, triggers an alert if a child accesses an inappropriate application.

Available at almost a third off for a limited time, this simple plug-and-play device is simply not to be missed.

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