I found the world’s cheapest 4K monitor, but it’s absolutely not what you’d expect

BNZtruk 4K monitor
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The latest Amazon Prime Day sale is coming to an end in a few hours and while trawling through the deal section I came across a small portable monitor that has an extraordinary selling point.

At $155.99 (after a $10 coupon), which equates to approximately £145 / AU$255, this is the cheapest 4K monitor in the world right now, albeit from a company we’ve never heard of: Bnztruk. We approached the seller to double check our hunch and we’ve been told that this is indeed the case.

On top of free delivery from Amazon, should you have any issues, remember that you get free returns till January 2023 with free Amazon tech support included and the ability to add up to four-year protection for just under $30 (about £27 / AU$48).

Although it doesn’t say so explicitly, the seller will ship the monitor outside the US, though it will cost you extra. Shipping to the UK, for example, will add another $52 (£47) in shipping and import fees deposit (an amount that excludes sales taxes) with a five-day delivery window. Additional shipping costs to Australia adds $21.94 (AU$35) excluding sales taxes, with a delivery window of 14 days.

This USB-C monitor is perfect for dual monitor setups, as an external monitor for smartphones, as a monitor for coding, a monitor for MacBook Pro or a business display. You can even plug in a Firestick, Chromecast or a Roku dongle to stream movies (or wireless casting) - the sky’s the limit. 

True 4K with no strings attached

Details about the monitor are scant, but we know it is a 13.3-inch non-touchscreen model, has 60Hz refresh rate, and weighs 500g with a footprint of 198mm x 311mm (about the size of an A4 sheet of paper) and a thickness of 11mm. It has two anti-slip points and is bundled with a leather case that doubles as a stand (there’s no kickstand as on other models). 

It has a pair of speakers at the back, two Type-C connectors (one for power), an HDMI port, an audio connector and, surprisingly, a Type-A port to connect, say, a Bluetooth adaptor for a keyboard or mouse.

There are five buttons for on-screen display controls and even what looks like a microphone or reset hole. I’m glad to see a power on/off button as well. Bnztruk claims a 3ms response time, a 250nits brightness, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 178 degrees viewing angle. It comes with two cables and a 20W power supply unit. It doesn’t have a VESA mount, so you won’t be able to put it on a stand or on a wall, but given its size we suspect you should be able to use it with tablet stands.

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