Amazing. Incredible. Discover the astonishing power of Dell's AI-enhanced laptops

Dell's new Copilot+ laptops
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Dell's laptops are famous for their performance, power and portability. And now there's a new generation of Dell laptops that are even smarter and even more powerful. With exceptional performance, batteries that deliver serious stamina and amazing AI features too, the new Dell laptops will power up your productivity and supercharge your creativity.

There are three new Dell laptops to choose from: XPS, Latitude and Inspiron. All three come with the very latest Qualcomm™ Snapdragon® X Elite mobile processors, delivering astonishing battery life, incredible performance and AI features that'll make every day better.

Dell Copilot+ laptops

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Copilot+ is here to make every day easier

One of the most exciting new features in these brand new Dells is Copilot+. A whole new class of Windows PCs, Copilot+ delivers instant answers to plain English questions, organises your information, helps you complete projects big or small, and it also delivers key new features such as AI-powered video enhancement and background noise removal in voice and video calls, effortless image creation and incredibly useful information retrieval. 

All of these new Dell AI PCs feature the new Qualcomm™ Snapdragon® X Series processors, which have been created specifically to provide the power to deliver truly innovative AI experiences. That means you get all the power of AI without sacrificing performance or battery life. Each one of Dell's new laptops is astonishingly fast and has serious stamina too.

Create like never before with the Copilot+ XPS 13

Dell Copilot+ laptops

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The very first Copilot+ XPS laptop brings a whole new era of AI power to Dell's iconic design. Its powerful, on-device AI delivers cutting-edge responsiveness and unparalleled performance to handle even the most demanding workloads with incredible efficiency, effectiveness and security. And its Snapdragon® X Elite processor isn't just incredibly fast. It also delivers battery life that'll outlast even the most demanding days.

With your XPS 13's AI features you can do more with less effort. You can use natural language to communicate with Recall*, enabling you to find exactly what you need whenever you need it. It can make online shopping easier, help with holiday planning or create images from your descriptions, and it can ensure every side is your best side by enhancing your camera and audio in video calls. 

Supercharge your workflow with the super-fast Dell Latitude 7455

The Dell Latitude 7455 is an incredibly powerful and portable laptop that's ideal for working on the go thanks to its game-changing performance and ground-breaking battery life. Its Snapdragon® X Series delivers blisteringly fast performance and exceptional stamina, while Qualcomm™ FastConnect Wi-Fi 7** enables you to get superbly speedy wireless data connections. Its large 16:10 display gives your project the space it deserves, and touch input enables you to interact with natural movements. 

Once again AI is used here to great effect, with Copilot+ and more helping you collaborate more effectively: its AI-based noise reduction enables you to keep voice and video communications focused, with AI removing unwanted audio and the quad-speakers delivering crisp and clear audio to keep conversations focused.

Dell Copilot+ laptops

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Save time every time with the very first Copilot+ Inspiron

The Inspiron 14 Plus brings the exceptional performance of the Snapdragon® X Series processors and the AI power of Copilot to Dell's iconic design, delivering a laptop that's so easy and intuitive to use that it feels more like a smartphone. Voice and touch navigation, exceptionally long battery life and the convenience and cleverness of Copilot+ make this an exceptional all-rounder, the large 16:10 touch screen delivers an expansive print like reading experience on a QHD+ display with sharp & vivid visuals, Dolby Vision and Dell's ComfortView Plus, designed to keep your eyes comfortable without compromising on its true-to-life colours. It sounds as good as it looks, with quad speakers, premium smart amplifiers and dual mics to ensure that you sound good too.

Whichever Dell you choose, its Snapdragon® compute platform delivers exceptional performance and astonishing battery life along with speedy wireless connectivity and superb portability. And with Copilot+ PC on board to power up your productivity and supercharge your creativity you''ll be able to do what you do best even better.

Click here to discover which of Dell's AI-enhanced laptops is the perfect Copilot+ companion for you.

* Recall is coming soon through a post-launch Windows Update. See Recall is optimized for select languages (English, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Japanese, and Spanish). Content-based and storage limitations apply.

** Wi-Fi7/6e which has the 6Ghz band requires Windows 11 Operating system and compatible router. Router requires a separate purchase. WiFi 7/6E (6GHz) connectivity is only available in select locations. Check availability with your service provider. The Wi-Fi 7 card will operate on Wi-Fi 6E/6 speeds when Wi-Fi 7 is unavailable. Drivers for Wi-Fi 7 will be available mid-2024 (Win11 24H2 update). Dates are subject to change without notice. Ubuntu OS will not support Wi-Fi7 and will operate on WiFi 6/6E speeds when configured for WiFi7. The Bluetooth wireless card version may vary depending on the operating system that is installed on your computer.