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Best WordPress survey plugins of 2021

WordPress Survey Plugins
(Image credit: Lukas Blazek / Unsplash)
Best WordPress survey plugins

Fancy the need to add a survey - or a quiz, a poll, a questionnaire, anything along those lines, really - onto your website? If you’re using the popular website builder and web hosting solution that is WordPress, you can include these thanks to handy plugins, and we’ve explored five of the best to get you up and running in no time.


(Image credit: CrowdSignal)

1. Crowdsignal

A good free service, with numerous and highly useful paid-for features

Reasons to buy
+Free+Customizable+Fully exportable+Affordable paid plans

Crowdsignal offers a simple looking tool to create online questions, surveys and polls. There are many options open to you, with different types of questions, such as multiple choice, free type and Likert scales. The service allows its paying customers to customise its surveys so they match their brand, and can then break down the data as it’s being gathered, through the use of easy to use filters.

Perhaps the best part of Crowdsignal is that it offers a free option, with unlimited questions, surveys, polls and ratings. The biggest downside is that it limits the results to 2,500 responses, but this could be more than enough for most low end polls.

If you need more than that, you’re going to have to fork out. There are three paid plans open to you. Premium ($15/month) offers unlimited responses, with an ability to fully export the result. You can even connect to Google Sheets to sync your data, prevent duplicate responses, upload audio and video files, and give others real time access to the responses and results.

If you’d like to remove Crowdsignal’s branding, use your own domain name, gain access to fully customisable CSS themes, and even be able to email surveys to up to 50,000 people per month, among other features, then Business ($45/month) may be better suited to your needs. Team ($29/month/per user) gives you everything Business offers, but includes the ability to allow up to three people to access the same account. Crowdsignal also offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try out their services with complete peace of mind.

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

(Image credit: OpinionStage)

2. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

An attractive looking service with good customisation and visual features

Reasons to buy
+Free option+Good visual features

OpinionStage have created a very nice service, which allows you to make quizzes, surveys, polls and forms with ease. The part we appreciated the most is the inclusion of a large number of templates which you can either use outright or draw inspiration from and customise to suit your needs. The polls themselves look very nice, with big buttons. The ability to pepper the questions with images and videos is a definite plus, but is not unique to this service.

As with others on this list, they offer the core service for free. The features are of course limited, and perhaps the most crippling one is that your poll is limited to 250 views per month (that’s not responses, that’s just clicking on the link to view the poll). Paid for plans start at $19/month, and go up to $65/month for the Small Business plan. If you work with a team, Performance is the way to go as it allows up to 5 people to work from the same account - for $199/month.

Quiz and Survey Master

(Image credit: Quiz and Survey Master)

3. Quiz and Survey Master

A simple effective service, with ‘à la carte’ and ‘all you can eat’ options

Reasons to buy
+Simple design+Modular approach

Quiz and Survey Master, as its name suggests, it primarily designed to help you create quizzes and surveys for your WordPress site. As you’d expect, the questions are fully customisable and do the job cleanly and easily.

The main difference, compared to the first two, is how you go about accessing the service, with more of an à la carte service with the first plan: $79 per year allows you to add the plugin to a single site, and gives you enough feature to get started, such as conditional logic, a landing page, reports, analysis, and export options, for instance. But if you want additional features, they need to be paid for separately. Features such as Google Sheet connection, Save and Resume, payment integration and Flashcards to name but a few. You’ll notice that the price can go up fast at that rate. Which is why the Premium Bundle is also available: $149 per year grants you access to all addons, and also lets you put the plugin on an unlimited number of sites.

Modal Survey

(Image credit: Modal Survey)

4. Modal Survey

More than just a survey tool, you can have fun creating quizzes, pools, exams, and reviews with Model Survey

Reasons to buy
+Cheap one-off fee+Wide variety of options and features

Modal Survey is a very versatile plugin. As its name suggests, you can create surveys with it, but its capabilities extend beyond that. You can create quizzes, polls, multiple choice tests, questionnaires, you even have the ability to make reviews with star ratings (5 stars, 10, or even any number of your choice).

You have full control of the design process, and there’s also a Live Preview feature so you know exactly what your layout will look like before you publish it. It’s possible to set start and expiry times, assign scores and show the correct answers - ideal if you’re working on a quiz or exam. The results can be presented in easy to understand pie charts or bar graphs, and can be exported in a wide variety of formats.

There are no free versions but the price is actually pretty reasonable: a one-off fee of $35, which includes 6 months of support (you can extend that support to 12 months for an additional $11.25).

YOP Poll

(Image credit: YOP Poll)

5. YOP Poll

A simple, affordable plugin, which should suit most’s needs

Reasons to buy
+Limited free option+One-off fee to access all features

YOP Poll has a free option which offers good basic features for people who only have minor requirements, like if you only need to ask a single question in your poll, for instance. If you’re looking for a little more, then you need to consider giving a little to extend the plugin’s functionality.

It’s of little surprise really that YOP gets more interesting once you decide to pay for the service. Three plans are on offer, each for a one-time payment. They all give you access to over 30 design templates, multiple questions per survey, the ability to use image and video, to integrate your survey with Google and Facebook, use a countdown timer, and offer results as a pie chart. What sets these plans apart is how many sites you can use the plugin on: Personal ($17) is for only one; Plus ($27), extends that to 3; Expert ($57) goes up to 7. You’re also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.