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The best white-label job board providers make it simple and easy to create your own job listings website.

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Although there are plenty of job sites on the internet, there are still plenty of niche opportunities where existing job boards don’t fit the bill. In which case, it's now possible for you to start your own using off-the-shelf software. 

It might be that you want to create a job board for your area, or for a particular specialty such as chefs or programmers. Or it might be that your organization simply wants to do more of its recruitment in-house using its own existing website.

Additionally, because the software is already provided, you don't need to worry about time-consuming and expensive coding to get what you need. Additionally, a white-label job board allows you to create, customize and manage your own branded job board with your own requirements – and you don’t need coding or web-design knowledge to get the job done. Using a white-label solution is quicker, easier, and usually cheaper, too.

We’ve rounded up five of the best white-label job board solutions – perfect if you need to build a job board that can deliver great results with less hassle. And if you need more help with recruitment, here’s our verdict on the best job sites, and here are our top ten recruitment tips

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The best white-labeled job boards of 2024 in full:

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Best overall

(Image credit: Recruitology)

1. Recruitology

A straightforward and effective product that’s easy to use without much tech experience

Reasons to buy

Great for media companies
Impressive versatility
Minimal tech knowledge needed

Reasons to avoid

Not as feature-packed as some other packages

Recruitology is not just a white-label job board business – the firm offers networking tools, fast-track postings to specialty job boards, virtual career fair services, and candidate search options.

That bodes well – it means the firm has loads of experience in all areas of recruitment – and its white-label job board software is immediately impressive.

Recruitology’s job board software places a big emphasis on advertising local positions and finding candidates nearby, so it’s ideal if you want to create a job board for a particular town or region. In fact, it’s already used by loads of local media companies, including the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, and Orlando Sentinel.

There’s loads of versatility here – you can customize the entire board with your own branding, enhance it with your own articles and content, and rely on the firm’s responsive design to ensure that the board works on mobile and desktop devices. It looks good, too, thanks to a clean and straightforward design.

Recruitology hosts your job board and supplies maintenance, so minimal technical knowledge is required, and the firm also provides widgets to help integrate the board into different areas of your site. There are premium profile options that you can sell to employers to make money. Job listings are fully SEO-optimized, and job seekers can benefit from great location-based filtering and easy application options.

This package doesn’t have the in-depth options of some rivals, but it’s great if you want to create a job board with a big emphasis on local employment.

Best for ease-of-use

(Image credit: MatchWork)

2. MatchWork

A European option that delivers good features and impressive ease of use

Reasons to buy

Specialists in European markets
Easy to use
Integrates with ATS and CRM systems

Reasons to avoid

Other options are better for US-based companies

MatchWork provides specialist white-label job board software that is already used by plenty of European companies like Archant, NetJobs, and DG Media. The firm’s products are routinely used by governments, non-profit organizations, charities, and trade unions.

There are plenty of reasons to consider MatchWork if you operate in those sectors and need to build a job board. The boards provided by MatchWork are mobile-friendly, and the company handles everything on the technical side of things, so you don’t need extensive coding or design knowledge to begin.

MatchWork is one of the more affordable white-label options out there, too, with fees that start at €900 (around $1,026) per month, and you don’t miss out on features despite the low price – MatchWork’s boards are fully customizable and often updated with new features.

MatchWork offers ready-made themes that make design quicker and easier, and plenty of other features are designed for ease-of-use. You can automatically share jobs to social profiles and use a Facebook widget, deploy an API to share your content elsewhere, and fully integrate your new job board with existing ATS and CRM systems.

The rest of MatchWork’s features impress. Job seekers can build, upload, or import CVs, create alerts, and even plan routes to work using integrated Google Maps. Candidates and employers can use dashboards to track their processes, and you can upsell through company profiles and a range of boosted job listings. Everything’s fully SEO optimized, too.

MatchWork is a consistently impressive choice for creating a job board, especially if you work for a non-profit or government agency or if you’re based in Europe.

Best database

(Image credit: ZipRecruiter)

3. ZipRecruiter

One of the biggest job sites around has a great job board product

Reasons to buy

A trusted and well-respected name
Vast database of employers and users
Loads of mainstream and AI-powered features

Reasons to avoid

Less suitable for niche scenarios

ZipRecruiter is one of the largest and well-respected job sites on the web, so it’s no surprise that the company also offers a comprehensive white-label job board product.

Many of the features offered by ZipRecruiter leverage the firm’s huge database of job-seekers and employers. By using ZipRecruiter you can potentially list more than eight million jobs on your newly-created board, and job users can deploy ZipRecruiter’s AI-powered job-matching technology alongside the firm’s complete API. If you’ve got the technical knowledge, that allows for vast customization and the creation of specialized job boards.

If you don’t have technical knowledge, that’s fine too. ZipRecruiter offers a straightforward dashboard for admins, employers, and candidates, and there’s no exclusivity requirement so you can create your own monetization options. Combine this with transparent revenue sharing, and you’ll always know where you stand.

Elsewhere, ZipRecruiter has AI-powered alert and email options for better targeting, and there are plenty of options for data analysis, blogging, integrating with Google Jobs, and managing your job board.

There isn’t much missing from ZipRecruiter’s white-label offering, but that’s no surprise from such a big site. If you want to build a job board and rely on tried, tested features, this is what you need.

Read the full ZipRecruiter review.

Best for features

(Image credit: MarketGrabber)

4. MarketGrabber

A tech-first product that delivers a powerful set of recruitment features

Reasons to buy

Powerful integrations tools
Loads of features
Customizable templates

Reasons to avoid

Tricky for beginners

MarketGrabber is a broad company that offers impressive software in loads of different categories – the firm has a top-notch white-label job board option alongside products that can be used to build directories, classified ad portals, real estate websites and more.

The firm offers a selection of standard, customizable templates for creating your own job board, but the firm can also design your own board if you’d like something bespoke. Regardless of the design, MarketGrabber’s boards are slick and work on all kinds of devices.

MarketGrabber impresses with its integration options. It works with Paypal, Stripe, and other popular payment providers, and it also has Google for Jobs integration. Job listings can also be backfilled from ZipRecruiter if you need to give your own job board a boost.

Elsewhere, MarketGrabber’s job board is SEO-optimized, and users have full access to its source code. You can host your board on your own site or with MarketGrabber. It has plenty of handy features: job listings can be submitted for approval before they go live, employers can use applicant tracking and screening questions alongside their own profile, and job-seekers get powerful filtering and broad privacy options.

MarketGrabber can be a bit daunting if you’re not tech-savvy or if you don’t have much job board experience, but there’s no denying its power and flexibility. If you’re confident enough to take the reins, this is a great white-label solution.

Best for style

(Image credit: Niceboard)

5. Niceboard

A stylish option for companies who want broad monetization abilities

Reasons to buy

Responsive and good-looking designs
Plenty of monetization options

Reasons to avoid

Some job board products are cheaper

Niceboard is one of the most stylish options around – ideal if you want to create a job board that looks as good as it runs. These boards are responsive, and they’re easy to use too, thanks to an intuitive dashboard, real-time stat-tracking and huge customization options.

Niceboard’s products look great, and there’s a big focus on monetization too. You’re able to create subscriptions and customized upsells to generate cash from employers, and Niceboard accepts payment from all the major providers.

Job boards created with Niceboard can incorporate HTML, JavaScript and CSS integrations, and there’s full SEO optimization and Google integration alongside auto-backups, free SSL certificate and cloud hosting. Employers can post jobs easily, customize their application processes and use a sleek dashboard, while candidates benefit from quick company previews, smart filtering and email alerts.

Niceboard’s products are available into several tiers: the Essential, Pro and Business options, so it’s easy to pick a service to suit your needs. Prices drop if you pay annually, too.

Niceboard provides a stylish and straightforward way for any organization to create a slick and manageable job board. It’s well-balanced, and its monetization options are impressive.   

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When deciding which white-labeled job board to use, first consider what options you actually need and whether the options available are likely to cover what you're looking for. 

If you're looking to build a job board for in-house purposes only, it's worth considering if an existing recruitment platform might be a better option. Although there are national websites, there are also local ones which may serve you better. 

How we test

To test for the best white-labeled job boards we first set up an account with the relevant software platform, then we tested the service to see how the software could be used for different purposes and in different situations. The aim was to push each job board to see how useful its basic tools were and also how easy it was to get to grips with any more advanced options.

Read more on how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar.

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