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Zoho Assist review

Read our Zoho Assist review to learn how this product can streamline your customer support operations

Zoho Assist review
Zoho Assist was designed to simplify remote access support.
(Image: © Zoho)

TechRadar Verdict

Zoho Assist gets remote desktop support right and has a decent range of plans from which companies of different sizes can choose based on their specific needs.


  • +

    Competitively priced

  • +

    Has all the necessary features


  • -

    Unattended plans only cover up to 25 computers

  • -

    Standard plan does not support mobile apps

The best remote desktop software applications available today are designed to help you resolve customer technical issues, collaborate with colleagues, streamline service processes, and cut down on costs. In our Zoho Assist review, we shed some light on a versatile tool you can use to connect with your users wherever they are.

Zoho Assist (opens in new tab)is a cloud-based customer support tool that can be used to easily access and manage remote PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and servers so you can troubleshoot customer issues or work on a remote machine as if you were on that device or terminal itself.

 Zoho Assist: Plans and pricing

 There are two types of plans with Zoho Assist, and each has further sub-plans. You can opt for remote support, or you can choose an unattended access plan.

Zoho Assist review

Multiple options allow you to pick the plan that suits your needs. (Image credit: Zoho)

If you choose remote support, the available plans are Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, at $8, $13, and $21 per month each, respectively. These plans (opens in new tab) give you one technician per month, a maximum of six simultaneous sessions, add-on services such as remote printing and custom branding, and session recordings, audits, notes, and auto-scheduling. The Standard plan is great for small companies with tech teams of two or three people. The Enterprise plan is ideal for companies that have about six support technicians.

There are two unattended access plans called Standard and Professional, and they cost $8 and $13 per month, respectively. These plans allow you to provide unattended support to up to 25 computers, and they come with useful add-ons such as bulk deployment and execution of tasks, custom reports, mobile apps for the technician, diagnostic tools, and voice and video chat. These plans are geared toward use by large companies that have two dozen or so dedicated technicians in their support team.

Zoho Assist: Features and utilities 

The key features of Zoho Assist are as below.

Help your customers via voice or video chat, work on multiple monitors at the same time if needed, and maintain a recorded log of support activities using the session recording feature. These recordings can then be used for internal audits and training sessions. 

Zoho Assist review

Zoho Assist is feature-rich and quite comprehensive. (Image credit: Zoho)


Zoho Assist helps you protect your account with an extra layer of security using various 2FA solutions such as SMS or time-based OTPs. Also, since the service is web-based, there are no installs or downloads, and you do not need to worry about upgrades. Finally, the service provides logs of all events that can be used for a variety of administrative purposes. It is also firewall-friendly and provides secure and encrypted communications between you and your end-users thanks to SSL and AES 256-bit encryption.

Zoho Assist: Setup 

To get started, you can log in using Google or LinkedIn or create an account using your email address and a password. Once you click to submit your credentials, you are sent a message to verify your email and are redirected to your dashboard, from where you can immediately start a troubleshooting session or schedule one using a customer’s email address. Easily toggle between the Reports and Settings tabs to set things up according to your preferences, manage devices and deployments, or launch bulk deployments. 

 Zoho Assist: Interface and performance

Buttons and features on the Zoho Assist dashboard are either on the left of your screen or along the top. You can move between remote access, unattended access, and the reports and settings screens using the top ribbon. Depending on the screen you are on, the left-side menu bar will show you either information on support sessions, a breakdown of your available reports, and options to filter visible stats by type of support provided or by technician name. 

Zoho Assist review

Easily navigate the various screens and tabs on the UI. (Image credit: Zoho)

There are no real lags or long page-load times with the application. Unless you submit a request for a specific report that includes information on a vast number of sessions or support tasks, none of Zoho Assist’s tools or features take very long to load. 

Zoho Assist: Security

Zoho Assist comes with multiple levels of security. First, you can protect your systems and clients using two-factor authorization or one-time passwords. Second, Zoho Assist uses SSL and 25-bit encryption to protect your and your clients’ data as it travels between your system and that of your client. Third, inactive session timeouts and an action log viewer allow you to avoid the risks of open yet unattended connections and to iteratively improve the quality of your support by reviewing sessions, focusing on what you do well and identifying areas for improvement. 

Zoho Assist review

Zoho Assists security features are enterprise-grade. (Image credit: Zoho)

Zoho Assist: Support 

 Zoho Assist provides many different types of help and support to its users. You can register for free training sessions on how to perform attended as well as unattended access, or you can search the FAQs and community forums for answers to technical questions. A company-run blog provides useful product insights, as does the product overview page, on which you can find basic information on all things Zoho, from setting up and running your system to rebooting it and troubleshooting common problems.

Zoho Assist review

Zoho Assist offers help and support via multiple sources and channels. (Image credit: Zoho)

If you are still unable to address specific issues, you can always reach out to the support team via email or ask a question in the community forum. There are also dedicated helpline numbers based on your geographic location. In addition, a useful concierge service that can be reached via an online form will direct you on what to do if you are unsure about how to proceed with an issue. 

Zoho Assist: Final verdict 

Zoho Assist is a great tool that provides companies with comprehensive support solutions regardless of their industry or size. You can choose plans based on the size of your support team, interact with your customers in a variety of ways, enjoy enterprise-grade security, and gather insights to improve performance over time. Based on the features you get per unit cost, Zoho Assist is a highly worthwhile support solution that gets the job done.

The competition 

Most remote desktop connection manager applications work across all devices, so there is no required tie-in to the likes of Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, and you can use the applications on any device. The main differentiations you should look at are features and price. An alternative such as TeamViewer comes with plenty of useful features, but its business plans range between $50 and $199 per month, making it considerably more expensive than even the top-tier plan from Zoho Assist.

AnyDesk is another decent alternative, but its high-end plans also cost $50 or more. Unless you have a very specific support need that Zoho Assist does not cater to, it is one of the best and most cost-effective remote desktop applications on the market today.

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