Nokia Lumia 720 review

The keystone to Nokia's Windows Phone 8 onslaught

Nokia Lumia 720 review
The middle kid has its say

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Battery life

There's a 2000mAh battery house inside the Nokia Lumia 720 and we found it did an excellent job - comfortably keeping us going for a whole day.

Nokia Lumia 720 review

Nokia reckons you can get up to 520 hours of standby time or 79 hours of music playback from the 720, and while these figures are a little unrealistic you shouldn't worry.

With moderate usage we were able to eek out two days use from the Lumia 720 before it started pining for the charger - which is pretty impressive in today's smartphone world where the nightly charging ritual is now common place.

For those more hard core users you should still be able to see out a whole day, as we were able to browse the web, fire off a number of emails, check our variois social networks and fire some rather irate birds at farmyard animals without dashing for the plug before bedtime.

We've found that the Windows Phone operating system seems to be less power hungry on the whole and coupled with modest processor inside the handset it all adds up to a more power efficient package.

The only dampener on the battery side of things is the fact that it's locked away inside the unibody design of the Lumia 720, meaning you can't pop it out to hard reset the phone, or swap a dead one for a fully charged spare.


Connectivity wise the Nokia Lumia 720 comes well equipped with Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 and A-GPS all stuffed inside its smooth, plastic shell.

You can share your mobile internet connection with up to eight other devices using your Lumia 720 thanks to the wireless hotspot function found within Windows Phone 8 - which is handy if you quickly need some web access on your tablet or laptop and are out of Wi-Fi range.

Nokia Lumia 720 review

You'll also find a USB 2.0 port on the bottom of the handset and let's not forget the microSD slot on the left of the 720, allowing you to build on the mediocre 4GB of internal storage with cards up to 64GB in size.

Nokia Lumia 720 review

A USB cable is included in the box so you can hook the Lumia 720 up to your computer, or to the plug also provided in the box to charge the handset.

Nokia has also given the Lumia 720 NFC contactless smarts, allowing you to pair your device and share information with other compatible phones and accessories with just a tap.

Wireless charging is one of Nokia's hot topics at the moment, and while the Lumia 720 can't be charged wirelessly straight out of the box you can purchases a special case which will give it the cable free smarts.

The case hasn't gone on sale quite yet, so we're not sure how much it will set you back or if it's worth getting, but we'll update this review once we know more.

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