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HTC Wildfire S review: Battery life and connectivity

HTC wildfire s review

The HTC Wildfire S comes with a 1230mAh battery, the same as in 2010's original Wildfire. We found it lasted very well indeed, thanks to the small (by today's standards) screen and the efficient Android 2.3 OS.

HTC wildfire s review

HTC states that GSM talktime is 430 minutes. We got two and a half days off one charge, with moderate web use and email/data sync options left at their default settings, which is certainly better than you get out of the 'superphones' with their enormous screens. So if longevity is a concern, that's one area where the Wildfire S beats most other Android phones by a mile.


HTC wildfire s review

Wireless hotspot functionality is in, with the Wildfire S able to turn itself into a fully functional 3G modem for hooking a laptop into. You don't have to do it wirelessly, either – a USB cable from a laptop to the phone is enough to enable you to tether it to your mobile data connection.

Wi-Fi connectivity supports 802.11b/g/n, and we found it great at maintaining a connection to our home network. Bluetooth supports version 2.1 along with A2DP for wireless stereo headphones.