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Asus MARS II Limited Edition

Extreme graphical power at an extreme price

Asus Republic of Gamers MARS II Limited Edition
The RoG MARS II is the fastest and most powerful graphics card we've tested

To test the limits of a card as powerful as the Asus RoG MARS II Limited Edition, we ran all our benchmarks at a resolution of 2560 x 1600. It seems a waste to use this card for a standard issue 24-inch 1080p screen, after all.

The games and synthetic benchmarks feature varying levels of tessellation – Heaven 2.5 being the king of that castle – and also vary in terms of CPU intensity. Shogun II and Just Cause 2 results vary considerably with different processors, whereas Heaven 2.5 works the graphics card almost exclusively.

Metro 2033 is the most demanding benchmark of the bunch. We've yet to find a system that can run it at consistently playable frames at max settings and 2560 x 1600.

Asus republic of gamers mars ii limited edition