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IBM launches an HR consultancy, three management tools

IBM headquarters
IBM headquarters

IBM has launched three cloud-based solutions and a consulting practice designed to enable businesses to identify and retain talented employees.

The consulting practice will feature the expertise of 1,600 management experts who will help IBM clients determine and develop the methods, tools and expertise to oversee four human resources areas: organizational change, talent analytics, employee experience and human resources cloud technology.

In addition to the consulting practice, IBM launched three new tools to add to its existing Kenexa Talent Suite. The new cloud-based solutions are designed to work in conjunction with the strategic advice of consultants to help clients maximize talent.


The three tools, IBM Kenexa Predictive Hiring, IBM Kenexa Workforce Readiness and IBM Kenexa Predictive Retention, are designed to provide analytics that help businesses develop better behavioral assessments, team design and talent retention practices, respectively.

IBM launched the Kenexa Talent Tool earlier this year, two years after acquiring Kenexa for $1.3 billion in January 2012.

The first iteration of the IBM Kenexa Talent Suite was launched to enable human resources professionals to analyze and sort big data for enhanced talent acquisition, talent optimization and collaboration.