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WH Smiths to launch Kobo ereader in the UK

WH Smiths to launch Kobo ereader in the UK
Kobo - making itself at home

WH Smith has entered the electronic books market and the 21st century by sealing a deal with Kobo to sell its ereader in the UK.

Update: Two versions of the Kobo ereader will go on sale at WH Smiths; the first being the touchscreen Kobo Touch, with the more basic Kobo Wi-Fi providing a budget option.WH Smiths has also confirmed that the Kobo Touch UK release date is 17 October, with UK pricing set at £109.99. Meanwhile, the Kobo Wi-Fi provides a cheaper option, with a price tag of £89.99.

As well as the e-ink based hardware, the deal gives WH Smith customers access to Kobo's digital library which includes over 2.2 million titles and one million free books - Smiths is claiming this as the largest ebook catalogue in the UK.


It seems that the UK's book vendors are finally cottoning on to the ebook revolution; just last month, Waterstone's announced that it will release an ereader in 2012.

No doubt spurred on by the success of the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook in the US, CEO of WH Smiths, Kate Swann, said the move will "complement" the company's traditional paper-based business.

From The Guardian