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Twitter add-on brings microblogging over the phone

Twitter just got a whole lot geekier

If you're nerdy enough to be reading this site and haven't started using Twitter by now, then perhaps a newly launched service will persuade you of the joys of microblogging.

Instead of forcing Twitter users to resort to the old-fashioned PC or mobile techniques for sharing their intimate thoughts with the world, TwitterFone takes a voice message over the phone and converts it to text to save those worn-down fingers.

Two-way street

When the service launched in May it was strictly one-way traffic – users dial a local number in any of 19 countries to Tweet vocally – but that has just gone full duplex with its new ability to read out already-posted Twitter messages after dialling in.

So far, 20,000 uber geeks are getting down with TwitterFone in countries as diverse as Israel and Finland (the US and the UK are included too) in English, with Japanese set to join the mix soon.

If you do sign up, just remember the etiquette of Twitter – the more banal the better. "Am wrting fnky Twttr stry abt best ways to wste evn more time." That should keep the beast happy.