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Microsoft adds Skype to Office Online

Now you can talk while you work while you talk
Now you can talk while you work while you talk

Microsoft has announced that people will now be able to use Skype within their Office Online setups to communicate and collaborate with co-workers in real-time.

In a post on the Microsoft Office blog, Nelson Siu, a program manager for Microsoft's Office Shared Experience team, suggested that people would be able to continue to chat with their correspondents when switching devices (assuming that you have connectivity).

That feature was available on OneDrive and is likely to be as rudimentary. The current one doesn't allow video conferencing or voice and you can't upload files either.

Default choice

This latest announcement shows that Microsoft may have chosen to make Skype its default communication tool for both consumer and business audiences.

Earlier in November, it announced that it was canning the Lync brand, renaming it as Skype for Business. Weeks before, Microsoft also revealed that it was working to get Skype integrated with Internet Explorer.

The next (logical) step would be for Microsoft to combine Skype and Office on the desktop.

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