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US military worried over Twitter security

Twittering on the front-line to end?
Twittering on the front-line to end?

The US military has been told that its Twitter usage is to be looked at, after the Pentagon warned of security concerns with soldiers using social networking sites.

The Pentagon is to undertake a threat assessment on online social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, and come up with some new policy guidelines.

Valuable tools

"These tools are proving valuable in areas such as recruitment, public affairs, and quality of life for our military personnel, as well as sharing information with allies, coalition partners and military families," explained Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn who is asking for the assessment to take place.

"However, as with any internet-based capabilities, there are implementation challenges and operational risks that must be understood and mitigated."

This does not mean that Twitter and the like will be banned, but there will be some hefty sanctions put into place.

Until the assessment is made public, why not whittle away the day looking at the Pentagon's official Twitter feed, found at and

Via Reuters