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Twitter more popular than the BBC

Twitter, more popular than ever
Twitter, more popular than ever

Twitter is more popular than ever, according to a new comScore report, which reveals that the micro-blogging site has hit the 50 million uniques mark for the very first time.

The increase in traffic means that the website has nudged into the 'top 50' website ranking for the first time – ahead of the BBC and the popular US online classified website Craigslist.

In July, the website notched up 51.6 million unique users – up 7.1 million from June.

The figure shows just how popular the website is getting, and will be good news for the site's owners as they start to look for new ways to bring in advertising revenue.

Long way to go

Twitter still has some way to go to poach the social-networking crown from Facebook, however.

Facebook is averaging a touch over 200 million unique users every month – making it more than four times more popular than Twitter.

Its buying of FriendFeed recently does show that Facebook sees Twitter as a real threat, though, and we will soon see the site tap into real-time search, something Twitter does with aplomb.