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Twitter gets personal with Tailored Trends

Twitter gets personal with Tailored Trends
Twitter gets trendy

Twitter has updated its trending topics algorithm to give users a personalised list of subjects people are talking about.

Rather than being based solely on location (eg London, New York, UK, USA, Worldwide etc), the new trends will show you emerging topics "that matter more to you".

Twitter does this by using your location, yes, but also basing topics on who you follow and what they're talking about.

So if you don't follow many Beliebers, you may see fewer Justin-inspired trends popping up in your personalised trends.


Rolling out from today, the new personalised trends will be switched on as default on and all of Twitter's own-brand mobile apps, but you can override it by choosing a different location in the trends' options.

Because, let's face it, no one wants to miss out on the fun of such currently-trending hashtags as #LetsHaveSex and #ExcusesToBreakUp, are we right? Guys? Did you… did you just unfollow us?