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Valve engineer fashions tongue and bum game controllers

Valve butt controller
Let your tush take the reigns

One Valve engineer is taking input devices to new ends of the spectrum. Literally.

Ben Krasnow posted two YouTube videos to show off his homemade controllers. One is a modified optical mouse that lets users move around with their tongues. It's not accurate enough to perform precise movements, but grander gestures like swiping are possible.

Krasnow's second invention goes down-low; it's a butt controller (or "posture-based game controller") made of refitted bathroom scales. Again, no pinpoint accuracy here, but users can use the seat to move left and right.

Valve is known for experimentation (just look at all the Steam Controller prototypes it created), but despite Krasnow's ingenuity we're unlikely to see these controllers make it to mass market anytime soon.

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Via Eurogamer