New Nintendo 3DS eShop arrives in time for E3

While we await Mario Kart on 3DS, the arrival of the new eShop should please gamers this month
While we await Mario Kart on 3DS, the arrival of the new eShop should please gamers this month

Nintendo has finally announced that the new 3DS download store, the cunningly-named 3DS eShop, launches 6 June.

That's not all. The Japanese gaming company is also offering a free copy of NES classic Excitebike on offer for those early birds that download the new handheld app store.

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So just in time for E3 2011 then!

3D web browser in your palm

Nintendo made a big noise about the potential of the 3DS eShop in the run-up to the new handheld's launch back in March 2011, which saw many gamers and customers disappointed when it was then announced that the download store would not be made available until a few months after the 3DS was on stores' shelves.

Still, minor gripes about delays aside, the new Nintendo eShop will deliver updated versions of games from the Gameboy, Gameboy Colour and the DS, in addition to movie trailers and details on new and forthcoming 3DS releases.

3DS gamers will also be offered new games and content on a weekly basis, every Thursday.

The offer of a free 3D version of NES classic Excitebike (providing you update before 7 July) and the chance to purchase the GameBoy version of Super Mario Land is sure to please the hardcore Nintendo fans.

The update will also deliver a new purpose-built 3DS web browser (with the potential of showing 3D web imagery and video content) and Pokedex 3D, so Pokemon players can view their imaginary pets in 3D and project representations of them into the 3DS's camera's vision of the world in front of the console using the Nintendo console's augmented reality tech.

"This new application lets users view each Pokémon in 3D with animated motion and sound. The Pokémon image can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing users to zoom in and view it from any angle," explains Nintendo's release.

Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime added that:"The Nintendo 3DS system is constantly evolving and growing. The Nintendo eShop is a one-stop resource for a broad range of Nintendo information and downloadable games and applications. It expands the Nintendo 3DS experience with new and entertaining content."