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Mad Max: Fury Road is the biggest movie yet to land on Steam

Mad Max: Fury Road

With the Mad Max game released this week, Steam will also give users the option to stream all the Mad Max movies, including this year's big release, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Steam has so far only carried indie film titles, and before the Mad Max films, Indie Game: The Movie was one of biggest movies available.

It's a massive coup for the Steam platform, with Mad Max: Fury Road to be the biggest film to land in Steam's movie library.

It could also mark the beginning of Steam moving beyond just indie films and adding more major films to its library in the future, whether accompanied by a game or not.

All four Mad Max films are now available for streaming through the Steam store in the US and UK, with Mad Max: Fury Road priced at US$19.99 and £13.99, the same price you'll find through PlayStation and Xbox's stores.

While Steam doesn't give you the opportunity to rent the films, only stream it, you can bundle the films with the Mad Max game, with the option to bundle one film or the four-film anthology.