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Kratos returns as the disappointed Dad of War

Kratos returns as the disappointed Dad of War

Sony has kicked off its E3 2016 press conference by revealing its long rumoured Norse mythology-based reboot of the God of War series.

Featuring a completely revamped style of gameplay, an open world setting and an over the shoulder, player-controlled camera, the new God of War sees Kratos reimagined as a bearded viking-type with a young son.

This is a gentler, more subdued version of Kratos, albeit one that is clearly disappointed by his son’s reluctance to become a fierce hunter like him.

What’s most impressive about the new entry, however, is that it manages to make us feel bad about killing, with the trailer ending on a surprisingly heartbreaking scene in which Kratos forces his son to kill a deer.

Though the gameplay is totally different to what we’ve come to expect from the God of War series, we can still look forward to violently destroying an assortment of huge monsters, as evidenced by the beast Kratos and son slay in the trailer below.