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Nintendo Wii U goes on sale in United States

NIntendo Wii U goes on sale in United States
Big crowds show up for Wii U launch in NYC

The long-awaited Nintendo Wii U console is now on sale in the United States, following a midnight launch on Sunday.

Crowds of eager gamers descended upon on the Nintendo World store in New York City, where Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Amie excitedly counted down to the launch.

The midnight launch at some stores angered GameStop customers who'd pre-ordered the device, only to realise that the chain would not be opening stores early.

Tight supplies of the console are already leading to sold-out signs appearing across the U.S, echoing the demand for the original Wii console back in 2007.

eBay rush begins

Forbes is reporting that over 2,500 consoles have already appeared on eBay and are selling for $500, (UK£314, AUD$483), which is up to 66 per cent higher than the base price for the 8GB console.

Although gamers in the US can now gleefully enjoy their next generation console, gamers in the UK, Europe and Australia will have to wait until November 30 to get their hands on the device.

Via Forbes