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Nintendo Wii claims moral victory over Xbox?

The Xbox 360 has enjoyed booming sales since Halo 3 was released at the end of September

Despite the Microsoft shifting 26,000 more Xbox 360's than Nintendo did Wiis last month, one analyst says that the Nintendo Wii was "still victorious". As reported on Nintendo Revolution in Canada, Jesse Divinch from simExchange sees sales figures as only part of the console war.

"In a way, the Wii is still victorious. It faced many obstacles in September, including: hardware constraints, strong first party titles on other consoles, no strong releases of its own platform, and announcements of software bundling and price cuts from its competitors," said Divinch.

Xbox sells more than Wii

September sales figures from the NPD Group showed that in the US in September, the Xbox 360 shifted 527,000 units, while the Nintendo Wii managed 501,000 and the PS3 just 119,000.

Its easy to see the point that Divinch is trying to make, but really, how hardware contraints, Halo 3, a lack of good Wii software and Xbox/PS3 price cuts can be seen as a victory for the Wii is a bit of a mystery.