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UK beating Japan in gaming stakes

UK overtakes Japan - now for the US!
UK overtakes Japan - now for the US!

Britain has overtaken Japan to become the number two gaming market in the world, second only to the USA.

New figures released for January show that gaming-related sales in the UK have surpassed that of Japan for the first time in years.

Compared to January 2008, gaming sales have increased by 37 per cent, with software sales up 26 per cent.

Japan in decline

Dorian Bloch, the director of GfK-ChartTrack, who announced the results, spoke to MCV about the news, saying: "Japan is certainly in decline at the moment, mainly down to the fact that everyone seems to have already bought a DS or PSP, so hardware sales aren't driving software sales – although DSi is flying off the shelves.

"The very sudden decline of PS2 is also a factor. The Japanese market is about twice the size of ours, so there is room for manoeuvre in terms of people who had a DS four years ago and want a new handheld."

Despite the economic downturn, the UK is set to have another blistering year in terms of gaming.

With the launch of the Nintendo DSi expected sometime in 2009, numerous rumours regarding a PS3 price cut and no shortage of gaming released to look forward too, the UK's apetite for videogames has never been greater.