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Shuttle launches bedside-friendly PC

Shuttle's new bedside-friendly PC
Shuttle's new bedside-friendly PC

If you don't fancy the cutesy Chumby as your must-have tech bedside companion, then you might plump for the new Shuttle D10 mini PC with in-built screen instead.

The D10 is a 'desktop' PC with a mini built-in 7-inch touchscreen, for the man who has pretty much everything, we can only assume.

Pretty decent spec

As with all Shuttle machines, the D10 is pretty well specced, packing in a Core 2 Duo E4000 Series, a Dual Core E2000 Series or a Celeron 400 Series processor.

For ideal sound (or movie audio) in bed, the machine also features 5.1 channel audio.

It will set you back anything from £260 upwards. Chumby will be sad.