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Armed Forces' new computers are £182 million over budget

Dropped a bomb?
Dropped a bomb?

The Armed Forces may have to wait a while until they get their new computer system, with the National Audit Office warning that a £7.1 billion investment in a new computer system is both over-budget and behind schedule.

The massive investment in a Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) programme that will replace the 300 systems currently in use, is £182 million over budget and 18 months behind schedule.


The National Audit Office has said that 'concerted effort' was needed to get things back on track in a project being led by the Atlas consortium and headed up by US giants EDS.

62,800 terminals of the final total of 150,000 were supposed to be installed by now, but the actual figure is less than 30,000.

"As the report brings out, we still have some problems to overcome in rolling out the system completely, but we are working hard to overcome these, and will be helped in doing so by the NAO's recommendations," MoD permanent under secretary Sir Bill Jeffrey told the Press Association.